How to win free permanent rewards from BGMI IPL 2022 Power Play event

Power Play event is live in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Power Play event is live in BGMI (Image via Sportskeeda)
Samarjit Paul

The developers of BGMI, Krafton Inc., have always incorporated different events into the game that will enable players to get different rewards for free. This has attracted a lot of new players to play the game over time.

While some events are related to the festivals in the country, some appear as a result of a collaboration. The 'Power Play' event has been introduced in the game to celebrate the season of cricket in the country. With IPL matches uniting fans in the stands, BGMI is doing the same thing online.

What players should know about the ongoing 'Power Play' event in BGMI

The 'Power Play' event can be found in the events section of Battlegrounds Mobile India and is set to continue till May 25, 2022 (UTC + 0). Players need to complete missions to collect Cricket Bats and combine them to get the specified permanent rewards mentioned in the event.

Here's a look at the free rewards available in the 'Power Play' event.


Classic Crate scraps: BGMI players can get Classic Crate Coupon scraps after exchanging 10 Cricket Bats. This reward can be redeemed only ten times.

Supply Crate scraps: Players can receive Supply Crate scraps (redeemable ten times) after exchanging five Cricket Bats.

AG Currency: The event offers players the AG Currency once they exchange five Cricket Bats. A total of 100 AG Currency can be redeemed if 50 Cricket Bats are exchanged.

Fluffy Rabbit Hat: A Fluffy Rabbit Hat is also available in the event. This legendary cosmetic can be obtained after exchanging 100 Cricket Bats.

Month 10 RP points: The 'Power Play' event also allows users to exchange 20 Cricket Bats to get 50 M10 RP points. 250 M10 RP points can be exchanged for 100 Cricket Bats in total.

Cricketer Jersey: The permanent Cricketer Jersey is the most in-demand item in the game right now and players can obtain it after exchanging 100 Cricket Bats.

How BGMI players can get their hands on Cricket Bats in the game

Along with the main 'Power Play' event, a couple of sub-events named - 'Keep Swimming' and 'Power Play Battle' have also made their way into the game. These events contain several missions that players need to complete to get their hands on Cricket Bats that they can exchange in the 'Power Play' event to get rewards.

The daily missions available in the 'Keep Swimming' event are:

  • Swim 10 meters in Classic Mode every day to obtain one Cricket Bat
  • Swim 30 meters in Classic Mode every day to obtain five Cricket Bats

Here's a look at the one-time missions present in the 'Power Play Battle' sub-event:

  • Play Classic Mode 5 times to receive 10 Cricket Bats
  • Play Classic Mode 15 times to receive 30 Cricket Bats
  • Play Classic Mode 25 times to receive 50 Cricket Bats

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