Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021 Quarterfinals: Qualified teams and schedule revealed 

The Quarterfinals of BGIS 2021 is all set to begin on January 2nd, 2022 (Image via BGMI)
The Quarterfinals of BGIS 2021 is all set to begin on January 2nd, 2022 (Image via BGMI)

The online qualifiers for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021 have finally come to an end. The four-day Round-3 saw a total of 256 teams (qualified and invited) battle it out for only 64 quarterfinal spots.

The Quarterfinals will take place from January 2nd to January 5th. All 64 teams will be divided into four groups of 16 and will participate in a best of six format. Only the top six teams from each group will proceed to the semi-finals, with the remaining ten teams being eliminated.

BGIS 2021 Quarterfinals Format (Image via BGMI Official Website)
BGIS 2021 Quarterfinals Format (Image via BGMI Official Website)

Qualified Teams for BGIS Quarter Finals

  1. Invincible
  2. Hyderabad Hydras
  3. Chicken Rushers
  4. Supari Gang
  5. Team Ironsight
  6. 4Heros
  7. OR eSports
  8. Nigma Galaxy
  9. Team XO
  10. Team Mayavi
  11. Team Outset
  12. FPS Gaming
  13. Globa Esports
  14. OLD Hood
  15. R Esports
  16. Orangutan
  17. Team Forever
  18. MF Esports
  19. Team X Lions
  20. Team GT
  21. Fault Esp
  22. Team Outlier
  23. Reckoning Esport
  24. Team NFC
  25. RIP Mizo Gaming
  26. Team Orgless5
  27. Team BE
  28. Team Soul
  29. celsius
  30. Only Glitch
  31. Obey
  32. Team K9 officials
  33. TSM
  34. 7Sea Esports
  35. xzist Esports
  36. Version 1
  37. Revenant
  38. Sin Officials
  39. 2op officials
  40. Deadeyes
  41. Team Xspark
  42. Team EZ4
  43. X Terminator
  44. Team Redxross
  45. UDT Esports
  46. 247 Gaming
  47. Onesided Glory
  48. ForceOne
  49. Skylightz Gaming
  50. Mastizone Gamin
  51. KBP Jodd
  52. Destructax
  53. uDog India
  54. TKM Esports
  55. Rag3 official
  56. Long Reign
  57. Enigma Gaming
  58. GodLike
  59. Tactical Esports
  60. 2Op Esports
  61. Scythe Kronos
  62. Team Insane
  63. Rivalry
  64. Lagging Expertsya

What happened in Round-3 of the BGIS Online Qualifiers

Round 3 was by far the most exciting stage of the tournament till now. A total of 32 teams were invited directly to the tournament, out of which only a few made it to the next round. TSM was the best performing team and the only one to cross the 110 point mark.

Other fan favorites like Team Soul, GodLike, and Team Xspark also qualified for the next stage. However, some seasoned teams like Hydra, 8Bit, Blind, Chemin, and Marcos Gaming were not up to the mark and were eliminated from the tournament.

The 1 Crore INR prizepool tournament is live-streamed on the official Youtube channel of BattleGrounds Mobile India. The winner of the tournament will also get a direct slot at PMGC 2021 Grand Finals.

Congratulations to the PMGC Grand Finals qualified teams!!! Good luck on the last battle!!!🔥📅Grand Finals - 21-23 JAN, 2022 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday #PUBGMOBILE #PMGC #NEXTTOGLORY ▶️Watch #PMGC2021 ONLY on our official YouTube 👉…

Teams have less time to adjust or replan their strategies because there is only a two-day gap between online qualifiers and quarterfinals. It will be fascinating to see how teams adapt and perform in the next stage of the BGIS tournament.

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