Dynamo’s Team Hydra qualifies for Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1

Hydra Official qualified for the BMPS Season 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hydra Official qualified for the BMPS Season 1 (Image via Sportskeeda)

The fourth round of the BMOC is in full swing with invited and qualified teams fighting for glory and Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1 slots. Day 1 was filled with surprises as some seasoned teams were eliminated from the event. Hydra Official, owned by popular content creator Dynamo Gaming, surprised everyone by qualifying for BMPS S1.

The team signed their BGIS roster ahead of the BMOC, consisting of Dynamite, Zoro, Legend, Jaxon, and Parv. Where some big teams could not perform, this team played very well and secured their spot for the 2 crore INR tournament.

Action-packed Day 1 featured the top 16 teams (8 invited and 8 qualified) in which the top 6 advanced to the BMPS S1. Global Esports, one of the oldest Indian esports organizations, came out on top of the overall standings, collecting 109 points, followed by Big Brother and Initiative Academy. Team INS finished in fourth place with 63 points.

Qualified teams from Group 1 for BMPS S1

Here are the six teams that have qualified for the BMPS S1:

1. Global Esports

2. Big Brother Esports

3. Initiative Academy

4. Team INS

5. Hydra Official

6. GOG Esports

Hydra Official's performances in BMOC Round 4

Hydra Official occupied fifth place with 62 points from their 6 matches, including 37 placement points and 25 finishes. The team was in fifth place before entering the sixth and final match of Group 1. With a scintillating performance in the last match, the team climbed up to three places to secure fifth place. The side had a 12-kill chicken dinner on the classic map of Erangel.

The group 1 matches started with the first match being played on the Erangel map and claimed by Global Esports. Hydra secured fourth place with 4 kills, accumulating 12 points from their first match.


The second match of Miramar was not good for Hydra as they were eliminated with only 1 point. The match was won by Big Brother Esports. Initiative Academy won the third and fourth matches of the day. Hydra had an average performance in both matches as the team accumulated 5 and 9 points, respectively.

Big Brother claimed its second chicken dinner by clinching the fourth match being played on Miramar. Hydra finished 5th with only 2 eliminations and collected 8 points from this match.

It was the third match that helped Hydra get a spot in the BMPS. They won their final fight against Global Esports and grabbed a chicken dinner.

The Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series Season 1 will feature a total of 24 teams from the BMOC Round 4. The event is scheduled to begin on May 19.

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