Former TSM BGMI player Shadow joins GodLike Esports amid controversy

Shadow joins GodLike Esports (image via GodLike Esports)
Shadow joins GodLike Esports (image via GodLike Esports)

In a dramatic turn of events, Arjun Mandhalkar, aka Shadow, has joined GodLike Esports' BGMI roster. The team has been looking for an IGL for quite some time, and they found it in Shadow. GodLike Esports did not fare well in 2022, finishing 13th in the PMGC 2021 finals. They also failed to qualify for the BMPS Season 1 as they were eliminated in the fourth round of BMOC.

The induction of Shadow into GodLike was not an easy process. TSM put up a post on social media alleging unprofessionalism and poaching. They said they were willing to loan players to other teams, but other teams did not want to make transfer agreements and forced TSM to let the player go free.

While there has been no official response from GodLike on this matter, Ghatak said they have chosen to remain silent.

Since the inception of BGMI, TSM has performed admirably, winning six unofficial tournaments and approximately $100,000 USD in prize money. The team recently clinched the Nodwin All Stars Invitational. And after the team failed to qualify for the BMPS, the management benched Shadow and attempted to use Blaze as an IGL (in-game leader), which did not sit well with Shadow.

He also posted this statement on Instagram.

With Shadow as the IGL, the Godlike now consists of six members in their main lineup.

GodLike BGMI roster

1. Jonathan- Assaulter

2. Neyoo- Entry Fragger

3. Shadow- IGL

4. ClutchGod- IGL

5. Gill- Support

6. ZGod- Support

GodLike made an announcement video and posted it on its Instagram with a caption.


Finally, the wait is over. Let us all offer a hearty welcome to GodLTryout aka Shadow to the GodLike Fam! With this latest addition combined with our already proven players, Together we are unstoppable.

While it is unclear which four players will make up the final squad, Jonathan is definitely included. The player has also seen his performance slip and would like to make a grand comeback in upcoming events.

Godlike signed Viru and Gill earlier this year, but the results didn't go their way, and with the signing of Shadow, they would want to do well in the upcoming tournaments. Two LAN (Nodwin and Skyesports) events will be held in the upcoming months, and the team would like to win at least one title.

The upcoming BGMI Nodwin Masters Series will be around a month-long LAN event in India, which is all set to start on 24 June.

GodLike will hope to claim their first major BGMI tournament in 2022.

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