Krafton reveals more details on BGMI anti-cheat and list of actions on cheaters

Krafton has taken new steps to ban hackers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Krafton has taken new steps to ban hackers (Image via Sportskeeda)

The gaming experience of BGMI has been severely affected due to hackers and cheaters. Popular streamers and influencers have taken to social media to call out the excessive number of hackers in the battle royale game.

Recently, BGMI influencer Ghatak mentioned that the BGIS 2021 (Battlegrounds Mobile India Series) was delayed due to the number of hackers in-game. From Scout to Mortal, many BGMI streamers have also criticized the increase of hackers and cheaters.

I see lots of aspiring new talents grinding all day long to make a name for themselves. Watching their hard work going in vein is really disappointing. Yes I’m talking about the increasing number of hackers everyday. I request BGMI officials to look into this matter on priority.

To eradicate such users, Krafton posted a letter in the News section of the official BGMI website stating that they have taken further steps to eliminate cheaters. Readers can click here to check the original letter.

Krafton’s take on BGMI hackers

Krafton mentioned that it was taking steps and will take further steps to ensure that gamers can experience fair gameplay. The developer has revalidated the game data to increase the scrutiny of the top rankings of the leaderboards.

They have guaranteed that they will improve the ban logic so that the security system can target illegal programs quickly. From blocking ads to monitoring real-time activity, Krafton has banned over 1.52 million accounts.

List of activities that can get players banned as per the new regulations

There are quite a few activities that can get users banned in BGMI
There are quite a few activities that can get users banned in BGMI

Krafton also thanked gamers for their contribution and encouraged them to report cheaters if they came across any. Here are the activities that can get someone banned in BGMI:

  • If players use cheats.
  • If players promote the usage of cheats or assist cheaters in some way.
  • If players have cheated before (even if they are not cheating now).
  • If players promote or advertise any illegal programs that might give a certain BGMI gamer an unfair advantage over normal mobile gamers.
  • If players distribute illegal program usage videos or promotional videos/images on other websites.

To learn about more activities that can get users banned in BGMI, fans can look at this article.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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