Team Tamilas signs former Hyderabad Hydras roster despite BGMI ban

Team Tamilas announces their BGMI roster (Image via Team Tamilas)
Team Tamilas announces their BGMI roster (Image via Team Tamilas)
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In a recent development, Team Tamilas has signed the former Hyderabad Hydras roster despite BGMI being banned in the country. Indian organizations are uncertain about the future of the game regarding its return to Apple and Google stores; Krafton has said that they are doing their best to resolve the issues.

The squad has returned home after playing nine months for Hyderabad Hydras. The side had played almost two years for Team Tamilas before joining Hydra. And now, they're part of Team Tamilas again. To announce the roster, the team posted on its Instagram with the caption:

"After 9 months, The LIONS are back to the DEN. We will be playing under the banner of OG Team Tamilas Going Forward."

Team Tamilas' new BGMI roster

  1. AceBlack
  2. CarryOp
  3. MantyOp
  4. Maxy
  5. Striker

The squad earned the fourth position in the PMCO 2020 Spring while playing for Team Tamilas. Everyone noticed the team in the event as they gave tough competition to the experienced teams despite being the underdogs.

They secured sixth place in the PMCO 2020 Fall, and it was the last PUBG Mobile official tournament in India as the game was banned by the government due to security concerns.

With Hyderabad Hydras, the squad came second in the BGMI All-Stars Invitational 2022. It was one of their best performances as they were contenders for the trophy till the last match.

AceBlack plays as the In-Game Leader (IGL) for the squad and has always impressed everybody with his skills. However, the last time, he did not play for Team Tamilas for long as the team released its roster just four days after his inclusion.

MantyOp is one of the best BGMI players in India as he has proved himself several times with his spectacular performances. He was the second-best performer in the PMCO 2020 Spring India and grabbed 29 eliminations in 12 matches in the Grand Finals. He also had the most damage (6477) that attracted everyone as he played his first official tournament.

Maxy put up sparkling performances in the All-Stars Invitational 2022, a LAN event in Delhi. He picked up 27 finishes in the Grand Finals and claimed the second spot on the kill leaderboard. It was not the first time he impressed everyone with his performances.

The CarryOps and Strikers also provide great support to their squad as both have had good experiences in the BGMI esports scene. The side has amazing stats on the Miramar map as they always play confidently there.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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