“There is a difference between esports players and content creators, and the BGMI ban might have impacted the former a lot”: Tanmay “Scout” Singh

BGMI star, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, shares his thoughts on various topics (Image via Sportskeeda)
BGMI star, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, shares his thoughts on various topics (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), apart from being a like-to-like replacement for PUBG Mobile, also restored its esports ecosystem in India. Thus, like PUBG Mobile, BGMI also fetched massive participation and viewership in its professional tournaments while providing a platform for esports athletes across India.

One name that doesn’t need any introduction is Tanmay “Scout” Singh, who has been a prominent esports gamer for some time. The BGMI star has performed exceptionally well over the years while establishing himself as a popular content creator. Besides his performances, Scout has been awarded as a fan-favorite player multiple times in his career.

Recently, Tanmay spoke to Sportskeeda about various topics, including the origin of his name, his journey, Indian players’ performance on global stages, and much more.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation.

"The strategy plays a significant role regardless of the tournament" - BGMI professional player Scout shares his opinions on Indian athletes' potential

Q: Can you tell us about the journey from Tanmay Singh to Scout?

Scout: I have been into gaming since I was a kid; thus, I transformed from Tanmay to Scout quite early in my life. I often played Counter-Strike (CS:GO) and operated Scout (SSG 08). It was this gun from which I got the idea to keep my in-game name as Scout, and it stuck to date.

On the professional front, I started gaming three or four years back with the release of PUBG Mobile, which played a significant role in my career. I got the exposure after starting off and eventually got to showcase my competitive side to the audience.

Q: You were there at PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown. What was the main difference between Indian and Global lobbies?

Scout: If the interaction barrier with your opponents is not breached, one can never match the competitive level of foreign esports teams. Over the past three years, I have reiterated the importance of staying in touch with your competitors, be it global or local, via practice scrims or regular interactions.

The game (BGMI) is not around at the moment, but even if it makes a comeback, Indian players will not be able to excel on big stages unless they get exposure to the global circuit.

Q: Do you think Indian esports athletes have potential?

Scout: Everyone is gifted with potential in terms of skill set and gun power. However, strategy plays a significant role regardless of the tournament, be it esports or sports. One cannot build a strategy on their own. Players will need to compete in global servers/circuits and break the barrier to construct their strategy and succeed.

Q: You won in the fan-favorite category at Indian Gaming Awards. What was your reaction to the win?

Scout: For the past three years, I have won many “fan-favorite” awards, which is why I was pretty sure about my win. Another reason behind my confidence was my audience, who have showered me with their love quite a lot.

Q: You have been streaming various games since the BGMI ban. Have you felt anything different after the game’s ban?

Scout: Playing different games is not new for me, as I used to stream various PC and PS5 titles even during my BGMI tournaments. Hence, apart from the timings of the streams, there isn’t anything different in what I am doing right now.

However, there is a difference between esports players and content creators, and the BGMI ban might have impacted the former a lot. Thus, I can only hope for the game to return as soon as possible.

Q: What is your message to aspiring streamers on audience retention?

Scout: Now that BGMI, the game that was your strength, is banned, it is the perfect opportunity to construct a new base for yourself. The crucial thing here is that you cannot force your audience to like another game. You need to focus on your originality and keep trying hard to create a new variety of content.

Q: We have seen a transition in your attitude from being aggressive and blunt to more calm and positive. What is the reason behind this change?

Scout: People experience new lessons with time. Initially, I was just an aggressive esports athlete who was expressive in front of the camera, but over time I learned to bring moderation to my attitude. I was also hit with the realization that being an influencer, I have to conduct myself in a specific manner and spread positivity. Moreover, my experience in content creation and the people around me helped me become better.

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