"They know they are wrong but are harrassing us": Godlike Esports' founder Kronten on alleged poaching controversy with TSM

GodLike Esports' owner Kronten dismisses TSM's accusals of player poaching (Image via Sportskeeda)
GodLike Esports' owner Kronten dismisses TSM's accusals of player poaching (Image via Sportskeeda)

Chetan "Kronten" Chandgude is the owner of GodLike Esports and a popular name in the BGMI community. His team has been in news recently due to infamous accusations of player-poaching hurled at them by TSM India.

TSM has been loud and clear about how GodLike Esports had unprofessionally announced Shadow as a player on their own roster when the gamer was already under a contract with them.

After staying silent for a long time, Kronten has finally opened up about the controversy and has dismissed all accusations against his team.

What did Kronten say about the poaching controversy regarding Shadow?

In an official statement, Kronten opened up about his views on the entire poaching saga concerning BGMI pro Shadow. He mentioned how TSM was trying to tarnish GodLike and their new recruit's reputation in the esports community by constantly slandering them on social media.

Kronten added that GodLike are constrained to file a legal complaint against TSM India who are repeatedly trying to destroy GodLike's stature by wrongly defaming them. His exact words were:

"There is constant slandering against GodLike in the media by an organisation with whom Shadow was associated with. The controversy is being created despite there being none. Shadow legally terminated his contract by sending a termination letter, post which he approached GodLike."

The statement further went on to talk about the defamation:

"We, at GodLike, followed all the legal and ethical procedures while engaging with Shadow, as he was not bound by any agreement in existence. However, Shadow's erstwhile organisation started defaming Shadow as well as GodLike by releasing his personal chats on social media platforms, which is a violation of privacy and punishable under Indian law."

Kronten also talked about how they were being harassed instead of approached through a legal route:

"If his erstwhile organisation had any legal ground then we fail to understand why they are defaming and slandering Shadow and GodLike on social media platforms rather than exercising their legal rights. They know they are wrong but are harassing us by creating a hype on social media platforms."

The founder revealed that they are going to file an official lawsuit against TSM:

"Due to constant slandering on media portals and news channels, we are constrained to make this statement that we are in the process of filing a criminal as well as civil case against the people who are releasing private chats and making defamatory statements against GodLike and also against one of the players who is openly abusing Shadow and GodLike on social media platforms."

Kronten also talked about "certain elements" who are trying to cause problems in the Indian gaming scene:

"We have never acted below our dignity and never released any personal chats and have never cried foul on social media platforms or harassed anyone we believe in certain ethics. However, there are certain vested elements who trying to pollute the Indian gaming scenario by targeting the players, Indian organisations and the brands endorsed by them. As Indians, we would now definitely like to teach such elements some Indian ethics and law."

This followed GodLike's earlier statement where they took to their official Instagram to mention that the organization refrains abusing and victimizing players. The post also throws light on the fact that the they aim to stay true to their brand name and do not indulge in mud-slinging.

Kronten's reply was stern and indirectly addressed TSM's Global Director Jeff "SuiJeneris" Chau, who publicly leaked chats between the organization and Shadow, which were "unprofessional" according to GodLike.

To India Gaming Community:June 6: TSM & Shadow 🤝, ok to post looking for team, Shadow even says: “if any offers come I will let you guys know then?”Shadow then connects w/ a certain org and pushes to be released for free…😞Offered FREE loan agreement so Shadow can play 👇

SuiJeneris also took to Twitter to mention that they take poaching seriously and will be taking the necessary legal action to settle the ongoing controversy.

@samisha19764443 @V1bzAries @followdunc @Anuj_Tandon @hisohn @NodwinGaming We are taking action and will have an update in the future for the India gaming community

With both TSM India and GodLike Esports seeking legal help, it will be worth watching if Shadow will be able to play in the upcoming BGMI Masters Series 2022.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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