Top 3 players after Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals 

Goblin grabbed 31 kills after BGMI Masters Series Finals Day 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Goblin grabbed 31 kills after BGMI Masters Series Finals Day 3 (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the conclusion of the third day of the BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals on July 15, the competition for the trophy and prize money has become more intense. Team Soul picked up the lead with 139 points and a chicken dinner in 12 games. They were closely followed by their arch-rivals GodLike Esports with 131 points.

Team Soul claimed the top spot with 139 points followed Team Godlike on second position with 131 points! Can Team Soul retain the top spot on Day 4? Tune in daily 8 PM for amazing BGMI Action onStar Sports | Loco | Glance#BGMS2022 #RaiseYourGame #nodwingaming

Twelve out of a total of 20 matches have taken place in the finals, and the remaining two days will decide the winner; there is a very small gap between the top five teams' points. Moreover, some experienced players showed eye-catching performances in the last three days.

Three best performers after Day 3 of BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals

3) Nakul - Global Esports

Nakul has picked up 22 kills and contributed 32.4% of the total eliminations by his team in 12 matches. His performances played a major role in maintaining Global Esports' spot in the top 5.

Nakul took 11 and 9 finishes on Day 1 and Day 2, respectively; however, he grabbed only two kills on Day 3 as his team did not perform well that day. Global Esports was in first place after Day 2, but unfortunately, they dropped two places to finish in the third position on Day 3.

2) Shadow - GodLike

The newest addition and IGL (in game leader) of GodLike Esports, Shadow, has displayed impressive performances so far in the finals. He is currently in second position with 22 eliminations in the kill leaderboard. After securing 8 finishes to his name on Day 3, he moved up to second place despite being the IGL of GodLike.

However, his teammate Jonathan, who was the MVP on Day 1, has also secured 21 kills. GodLike garnered 66 kills at an average of 5.5 per match in three days. They will have to play consistent gameplay in their remaining matches.

1) Goblin - Team Soul

The MVP of the BGMI Masters Series finals will be awarded 50,000 INR in prize money. Goblin, who was the MVP of BMPS Season 1, has once again attracted the attention of BGMI fans with his amazing skills in the finals. He holds the top spot with 31 kills in 12 kills and leads the MVP rankings for the finals. With only eight matches remaining in the finals, Team Soul needs him to perform as he did in the first three days.

The side has been consistent over the previous three days, accumulating 139 points, which included 73 kills.

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