TSM India and GodLike Esports to fight legal battle amid BGMI pro Shadow poaching controversy

TSM to start legal action against GodLike over Shadow's controversial transfer (Image via Sportskeeda)
TSM to start legal action against GodLike over Shadow's controversial transfer (Image via Sportskeeda)

Days of controversy between TSM and GodLike over BGMI player Shadow's transfer has reached a turning point. Hours ago, TSM India announced on Twitter that they will be pursuing legal action against GodLike Esports.

This comes after high-profile drama on social media as heads, directors, and coaches from both the organisations took to Twitter and Instagram to voice their opinions on the matter. The controversy has transcended borders as the global esports community looks on to see how the Indian authorities resolve the issue.

TSM takes legal recourse against GodLike after being called out for not taking any concrete action in the Shadow controversy

By publicly calling out individuals, the scandal has become a proper social media mess. With so much happening, it is essential to keep the facts straight before jumping to conclusions about the issue.

With BGMI Masters round the corner, TSM had benched their IGL Arjun "SHADOW" Mandhalkar. A few days ago, the player allegedly contacted GodLike, wanting to move to their org, and they accepted. Arjun allegedly even wrote a "Letter of Termination" to TSM.

After the announcement of the move, TSM members alleged that the organisation had not been contacted and therefore said that the transfer was not legal. The TSM India head had this to say about the alleged letter:

Imagine a world where you think you can terminate contracts with an org like a Netflix subscription 🤣😭

Shadow and GodLike maintain that the letter is a valid contract. The player has also accused his previous org of being toxic towards him and exploiting him. The official GodLike Twitter handle made a post about the supposed harassment and social media hatred they are being subjected to.

The organisation alleged that TSM had not started any legal action and resorted to calling them out on Twitter, meaning they were playing foul.

"If his erstwhile organisation had any legal ground then we fail to understand why they are defaming and slandering Shadow and GodLike on social media platforms rather than exercising their legal rights."

But now things have changed. TSM Mobile Director Jeff Chau also tweeted about the decision to take legal action and lamented that it had to come to this.

Did everything to avoid thisWish those who have the power and authority did the right thing for the player's career and professionalism of competitive esports in IndiaSimple (free) loan agreement was too much to ask for and too expensive I guess...🤷‍♂️…

He had previously tweeted that TSM were more than willing to freely loan the player to any interested BGMI org. He even posted WhatsApp chats between management and the player to try to prove his point.

To India Gaming Community:June 6: TSM & Shadow 🤝, ok to post looking for team, Shadow even says: “if any offers come I will let you guys know then?”Shadow then connects w/ a certain org and pushes to be released for free…😞Offered FREE loan agreement so Shadow can play 👇

Social Media reacts to TSM's legal route

The controversy between the two orgs has attracted a lot of international attention. Esports personalities from all over the world have reacted to the news of TSM taking GodLike to court.

It's official, TSM will be pursuing legal action against Godlike, one of the biggest esports teams in all of India.Following the signing of TSM member "Shadow" to the Godlike PUBGM roster without ever being in contact with TSM
Godlike claims they will also be legally pursuing TSM. Saying that Shadow legally terminated his TSM agreement by sending them a termination letter, and will be going after TSM for the harassment, slander, and abuse they've brought to the player and Org.Interesting.
The number of people saying "let the courts decide" is crazy to meTSM has a valuation of $540 millionFrom what I can find, Godlike's authorized capital is around $100,000Attempting a legal battle with a company that size over 1 player is financial suicide
@JakeSucky Godlike wanted Shadow, but they didn't want to take him out on a loan because they didn't want to spend money. Shadow emailed TSM a termination letter, but TSM refused to approve it. Many players have been poached by Godlike in the past.

Some users brought up a good point about Shadow's career. The scandal will take months to untangle in court and this will undoubtedly have an adverse effect on him.

If people think that TSM posting about the matter on social media is damaging GodLike and Shadows image and defaming them, that's the least thing everyone should be worried aboutIdk what's gonna happen, but if a lawsuit takes place against Shadow, his career will be at stake...
@TSM_IND @followdunc I think this might bring a halt to shadows career irrespective of the result, because he might not be able to play until the legal procedures are completed and this will surely take time. Staying out of the scene will make him irrelevant to the BGMI scene, but GODL asked for it.

A few were concerned that Indian authorities would not care about the case because of the still-emerging status of esports in the country.

@JakeSucky Nothing will happen if the case is heard in India because we all know the standards of the Indian court and Esports isn't a big deal for the Indian court. After all, this could take years
@JakeSucky If its in India , By the time it gets to court the people at Godlike could easily get their law degree and then go on to argue the case

The only silver lining that might come of this is probably the fact that the social media toxicity between the two orgs will be reduced, at least until the court verdict is out. Whatever the case may be, it seems Shadow will be out for the masters later this month either way.

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