SouL Hector's BGMI ID, stats, F/D ratio, win ratio, YouTube income, and more

Hector is amongst the best support players in the BGMI esports scene (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hector is one of the best support players in the BGMI esports scene (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI has dominated the Indian mobile gaming market since its initial release in 2021. The game also established a thriving esports scene in the country.

Millions were invested in these tournaments, which provided opportunities to talented professional players. Sohail "Hector" Shaikh is one such player. The youngster rose through the ranks playing for various teams but established himself as one of the best support players when he helped his current side, Team SouL, win the inaugural edition of BMPS. He also played for the team in PMWI 2022.

Besides being a popular BGMI esports athlete, Hector is also an endeared YouTuber, as thousands flock to watch his gameplay when he livestreams it on the platform. He interacts with his audience while streaming and helps them learn more about the game.

Stats and other details about BGMI pro player and streamer SouL Hector


Similar to other established BGMI pro players, Hector has a dedicated fanbase. These fans search for their favorite star's in-game profile to send him friend requests. They can use his ID - 589338242 or his IGN - 589338242 to find his profile.

Seasonal stats and rank

The ban on the game resulted in Team SouL pulling out from participating in any tournaments or scrims. However, Hector often plays scrims with his friends from different esports teams, leaving him with less time to play classic matches.

However, Hector is currently posited in the Ace Dominator tier in the ongoing (and re-introduced) Cycle 3 Season 7. The pro player will be looking forward to reaching the Conqueror tier, where he was placed earlier in the season.

SouL Hector has impressive stats in the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Cycle 3 Season 7 (Image via Krafton)
SouL Hector has impressive stats in the ongoing Battlegrounds Mobile India Cycle 3 Season 7 (Image via Krafton)

Hector has already participated in 228 classic matches in the TPP Squad mode. He has received a chicken dinner in 49 of those matchups (with a win ratio of 21.5%) and has helped his team reach the top 10 in 181 matches.

The internet star has dealt a total damage of 296164.0 and an average damage of 1299.0. He has also managed to maintain an F/D ratio of 7.43 and has outplayed 1693 enemies.

The pro athlete's great skills are highlighted in his headshot percentage of 15.0 and an accuracy percentage of 16.1.

In the re-introduced Cycle 3 Season 7, Hector's best outing came in a match where he gathered 23 finishes, with 3843 damage dealt in the process.

Note: Hector's Battlegrounds Mobile India stats were recorded at the time of writing and can change by the end of the season.

YouTube earnings

Hector is a contracted player for Team SouL and earns a salary from the organization. However, the champion player also earns a decent amount from his popular YouTube channel, which currently has over 183K subscribers.

Based on the stats provided by Social Blade, Sohail earned between $68 - $1.1K from his YouTube channel in the last 30 days. He has also garnered over 2.7 lakh views on his videos during the same period.

Note: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is currently blocked by the Indian government under Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000. Indian gamers are advised to avoid playing the BR game.

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