SPower's BGMI ID, stats, F/D ratio, win ratio, YouTube income, and more

Spower is one of the best prodigies in the BGMI gaming community (Iamge via Sportskeeda)
SPower is one of the best prodigies in the BGMI gaming community (Image via Sportskeeda)

BGMI was introduced to the Indian market in 2021 amidst the pandemic. The game leapfrogged other titles to become one of the most popular action games played by millions of Indian fans on a daily basis. The title's immense popularity also helped it become the driving force behind the growth of esports in the country.

Within a year of its release, there were several BGMI esports tournaments organized by third-parties. Rudra "SPower" B featured in most of these tournaments and performed brilliantly.

SPower is also a popular YouTuber who livestreams the game quite frequently. Thousands flock to his streams to learn more about the battle royale title.

Stats and more details of BGMI pro player and YouTuber, SPower


SPower's consistent performance in BGMI tournaments have helped him gather a massive fan following. These fans try to visit his profile in the game to send him popularity gifts and skins. Fans can use his ID - 5175415606, or his in-game name (IGN) - GodLSpower11 to find his profile.

Seasonal stats and rank

A few weeks back, SPower ended his ties with the fan-favorite team, GodLike Esports, and became a free player. However, in the ongoing unofficial tournaments, he is playing with the likes of Neyo, Hector, and Goblin. This has given him little time to play classic matches in the recently concluded Cycle 3 Season 7.

SPower ended the season with 3996 points and was placed in the Crown III tier. Although the rank is not as high as fans would have expected him to end the season in, his stats are staggering, showing his worth as a great assaulter.

SPower had great stats in the concluded Cycle 3 Season 7 (Image via Sportskeeda)
SPower had great stats in the concluded Cycle 3 Season 7 (Image via Sportskeeda)

SPower had merely participated in 35 classic matches in the TPP Squad mode. He received a chicken dinner in only two of those matchups (with a win ratio of 5.7%) and helped his team reach the top 10 in 23 matches.

The internet sensation dealt a total damage of 53672.1 and an average damage of 1533.5. He managed to maintain an F/D ratio of 8.86 and outplayed 310 enemies.

The youngster's great skills were evident in his headshot stats of 17.4% and accuracy stats of 19.6%. He also had an average survival time of 10.9 minutes.

In the concluded Cycle 3 Season 7, SPower's best outing came in a match where he gathered 23 finishes, with 3968 damage dealt in the process.

Note: SPower's Battlegrounds Mobile India stats were recorded at the time of writing and may change by the end of the season.

YouTube earnings

As mentioned earlier, SPower is a free agent. Hence, he doesn't earn any salary currently. The superstar's major source of income is through his YouTube channel, which currently has over 234K subscribers. So far, he has uploaded 461 Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay videos and vlogs to his channel.

Based on the stats provided by Social Blade, Rudra B has earned between $58 - $923 from his YouTube channel in the last 30 days. He has also garnered over 2.3 lakh views on his videos during the same period.

Note: BGMI is currently suspended by the Indian government following the rules of Section 69A of the IT Act, 2000. Indian gamers are advised not to play the BR game.

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