Top 5 tips to rush at campers easily in BGMI

Learn how to take down campers with ease in BGMI (Image via
Learn how to take down campers with ease in BGMI (Image via

Rushing at campers in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is more of an art form than a tactical move. One wrong decision, and the entire momentum could be lost, leaving players vulnerable to a counterattack or getting pinned down by enemy fire.

However, it doesn't have to turn out as it's mentioned above. With just a bit of planning and execution, players can flawlessly rush campers in BGMI and secure that "Chicken Dinner."

With that being said, here are five tips for BGMI players to incorporate into their gameplay strategy, which will allow them to rush campers with ease in-game.

Top 5 tips to make rushing at campers easy in BGMI

5) Check the surroundings

Before deciding to rush a camper in BGMI, always check the surroundings to ensure that there are no other players. Being exposed on the flanks while rushing could lead to a quick elimination.

In addition to checking for other opponents, players should stick to cover for as long as possible before rushing into an open area and finally taking out that pesky camper.

4) Make sure HP is full

Before rushing headfirst at a camper, it's always a good idea to ensure that HP is a maximum and extra healing items are available for use.

In most cases, players will need to heal after rushing, as taking damage is unavoidable to a large extent.

3) Use Smoke

If possible, players should lob a few smoke grenades before rushing at campers. Smoke grenades don't provide a tactical advantage in terms of hiding players, but they also leave opponents confused.

Players using smoke can opt for two options when rushing at campers. They can either charge through the smoke and dodge enemy fire to reach the campers locations or use the smoke as a diversion and sneak up to the enemy for a clean takedown.

2) Pick the right weapon

When rushing at a camper in BGMI, using mid to long-range weapons is not ideal. Players should use close to mid-range weapons with low recoil and fire on the move to suppress the camper before rushing in for the takedown.

Shotguns are ideal for close-quarter combat scenarios or inside structures. A direct hit from a shotgun is devastating at close range and is ideal for taking care of campers.

1) Retreat if needed

If things start to go wrong during a camper rush in BGMI, players need to make the decision to retreat and recuperate. Otherwise, they may end up being eliminated by the camper. Remember that there is no shame in retreating if it means survival.

In fact, making a tactical retreat is good, as the camper often comes out of hiding to pursue and take down the player. In this situation, the player can become the camper and ambush the opponent with ease.

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