Deion Sanders predicts he will live with his firstborn after Shedeur and Shilo declare for 2025 NFL draft: "Bucky gonna stay with daddy"

Deion Sanders, Deion Sanders Jr.
Deion Sanders revealed his plan about living with his eldest son Bucky.

Deion Sanders is already preparing for life after his sons, Shilo and Shedeur Sanders, leave the Colorado Buffaloes for the NFL. In a recent video, he predicted he would be living with his firstborn, Deion 'Bucky' Sanders Jr., when that happens.

Shilo and Shedeur Sanders are expected to declare for the 2025 NFL draft. Before that, however, they will return to play one more season of college football under their father's guidance in Boulder.

The trio of brothers recently gifted Coach Prime a stunning home in Colorado. When Shedeur showed his dad the new home in the mountains, the duo started talking about the time when the QB and his brother Shilo would go to the NFL. Coach Prime said that he believed their older brother Bucky would stay back with him.

“Bucky ain't going nowhere. Bucky is with daddy,” Sanders said.

This made Shedeur, who was enjoying a plateful of strawberries, chuckle.

The three brothers pooled in to pay for the new house for their father, with Coach Prime even saying that it provoked a tear in his eyes.

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Deion Sanders' bond with son Deion ‘Bucky' Sanders Jr.

Deion Sanders' oldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., tried to follow his father's path into football but decided that it wasn't for him. He then dived into the business world.

Coach Prime has been a fan of the 30-year-old’s work and even called him the most talented of his kids.

Sanders recently showered Bucky with love on social media. Sharing a photo of the ‘Well Off’ brand owner, Coach Prime said that he loved his son.

The junior Deion is responsible for marketing the Coach Prime brand and the Buffaloes football program.

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