10 Manhwa to pick up if you liked reading Tower of God

There are many manhwa that every 'Tower of God' fan will enjoy (Image via Telecom Animation Film)
There are many manhwa that every 'Tower of God' fan will enjoy (Image via Telecom Animation Film)

Tower of God is an excellent manhwa that revolves around Regulars and their deepest desires being granted. The series has received a lot of love and support from fans who love the supernatural, action-packed nature of the story. Fortunately, there are other manhwa out there that are as brilliant as Tower of God's fantasy adventure story, in case you are looking for more alternatives.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

Solo Leveling, Noblesse and 8 more manhwa that Tower of God fans are guaranteed to enjoy

1) Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint


Omniscient Reader follows the primary protagonist Dokja Kim as the world in his favorite novel, 'Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World,' makes its way into reality. Dokja Kim recruits strangers with powerful abilities, and becomes close friends with them. As loyal allies, they journey through a ruined reality. The manhwa boasts immaculate art, amazing storytelling, and intense fights, which means that it is perfect for any Tower of God reader.

2) Solo Leveling


Solo Leveling is easily one of the most well-known manhwas on this list. The story follows Sung Jinwoo, a notoriously weak hunter, as he finds himself in an impossible situation. He has to fight overwhelmingly powerful monsters by himself after his entire team was wiped out in a dungeon. After surviving by just the skin of his teeth, he is granted a mysterious power by something called the System. He goes on a journey to discover the truth behind the dungeons and the new power he has acquired. Solo Leveling is an amazing action/adventure manhwa that features spectacular fights and impressive lore-building.

3) The God of High School


After half an island vanishes into thin air, invitations are sent out to powerful fighters all around the world for a tournament where the winner can get whatever they desire and claim the title of the God of High School. Jin-Mori, the primary protagonist, is one of the skilled combatants who invited, and he has his sights set on defeating each of the opponents. Fans of the Tower of God manhwa who have not read God of High School must pick it up as soon as possible. The power system and fights are excellent, and they will satisfy your craving for non-stop action.

4) Noblesse


Noblesse follows a powerful Noble named Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, or Rai, who wakes up in an abandoned building in the middle of South Korea to a world completely different from how he left it, after being asleep for the past 800+ years. Rai ends up finding his loyal servant Frankenstein and begins to develop friendships with others who enter his life. Rai and many of his friends are forced to fight against various powerful enemies as a dark organization makes its presence known to the world.

5) Red Storm


Red Storm is about a young fighter named Yulian Provoke. As the son of the Pareia Tribe's chief, he was raised to lead the Pareia Tribe after his father's death, but at the same time, he wants to become the strongest warrior in the Red Desert. Throughout the story, he goes about encountering and recruiting powerful people in the hopes of creating a group of fighters strong enough to resolve any conflict.

The Red Storm manhwa is a fantasy action story through and through. Each fighter has special supernatural powers, and they train to refine these powers to become even better. The action-packed storytelling and ample supernatural elements of Red Storm would be appealing to any fan of Tower of God.

6) I Am The Sorcerer King


Ten years prior to the beginning of the story, a rift in time and space opened on earth. This allowed for waves of monster hordes to spill through and attack an unsuspecting mankind. While this was occurring, humans began to develop strange powers that allowed them to defend themselves.

Lee Sunghoon is the protagonist of the manhwa and is in desperate need of money so he goes on missions to kill monsters. However, he is injured by a monster one day and suddenly remembers his past life as a sorcery king. The plot will definitely appeal to Tower of God fans.

7) Dungeon Reset


Protagonist Jung Daeun's life changed forever when he was unwillingly transported into a Dungeon. He was forced to play a life-or-death game of killing monsters and avoiding dangerous traps. However, one day he accidentally falls into a trap and survives due to a strange glitch. This causes him to gain special skills that will hopefully help him find his way back home.

8) Kubera


The titular protagonist Kubera had her entire family taken from her on her 16th birthday. However, she was saved thanks to a magician known as Asha. The pair then travels through a world filled with gods, magicians, and pure-bloods. Kubera is hell-bent on solving the mystery that is her past, but she could unknowingly change the world at the same time. Tower of God fans will surely enjoy it.

9) The Gamer


Typical high school student Jihan Han is not as typical as those around him seem to think. He has a special ability that allows him to view his surroundings as if he is in a video game. Now, Jihan must juggle homework and daily quests while also figuring out how to move up in life with his special power. The aspects of completing quests and navigating an unfamiliar ability are common to both The Gamer and Tower of God.

10) King of Hell


A rift connecting Hell and the Mortal World has allowed for damned souls to escape and torment living people. As a result, Majeh, the strongest swordsman the underworld has to offer, is sent by the King of Hell to stop the escaping souls. This series offers Tower of God fans a somewhat darker alternative to their favorite manhwa.

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