Solo Leveling 178: Sung Jin-Woo’s return to the past, where to read, and more

The Second Shadow Monarch, Sung Jin-Woo (Image Via Tappytoon)
The Second Shadow Monarch, Sung Jin-Woo (Image Via Tappytoon)

The English translation of Solo Leveling 178 was just released and it has confirmed that the manhwa, or at least this season, is now in its last arc. With the aspect of time travel and his dedication to bringing an end to the Monarchs, this iteration has been something that the fans had been waiting for a long time.

In the aftermath of Sung Jin-Woo’s use of the Cup of Reincarnation, some of the predictions from Episode 177 seem to have come true.

Sung Jin-Woo enters the Dimensional Rift for the final fight against the Monarchs in Solo Leveling 178

Recap of Solo Leveling 177

In Episode 177, Jin-Woo used the mana generated from his fight with Antares to create a gate. With the help of Thomas Andres and Liu Zhigang, the two human vessels, Jin-Woo called forth the Rulers and defeated Antares with their help.

After Antares was returned to the Eternal Slumber, the Rulers thanked Jin-Woo, and as a reward, Jin-Woo asked them if he could use the Cup of Reincarnation once again.

Despite the warning that it would be the last time that the Cup could be used and that he might lose some of his Shadow soldiers, Jin-Woo decided to use it. He was aware that his deeds wouldn’t be remembered by anyone, and the Monarchs would come back to life with their memories intact, but he still wished to proceed because he wanted to save everyone.

The leader of the Rulers commended Jin-Woo as the Cup of Reincarnation was used and time was rewound by 10 years.

Solo Leveling 178: A Time of Peace

Solo Leveling 178 begins with showing the other hunters as the glow from the Cup of Reincarnation envelops the earth. Yoo Jinho, Jin-Woo’s mother and sister, along with chairman Woo Jinchul, Liu Zhigang, Thomas Andres, Baek Yoonho, Choi Jong-In, and Cha Hae-In are shown.

As the glow fades, Jin-Woo’s mother is seen asking a young Jin-Ah, Jin-Woo’s sister, to wake Jin-Woo up. As Jin-Woo categorizes the different smells that made up his childhood, it is revealed in Solo Leveling 178 that time was turned back by 10 years.

Jin-Woo cries upon seeing his father alive and present, and tells his family that he had a nightmare, upon being asked. As Jin-Woo goes through his daily life, he enjoys the peace for a single day before leaving a note for his mother that says,

“I’ll come back after I’m done with what I need to do.”

Presumably, Jin-Woo then enters the Dimensional Rift to fight the Monarchs.

Solo Leveling 178: The Dimensional Rift

Solo Leveling 178 then cuts to Jin-Woo and his Shadow soldiers defeating the Monarchs and their armies inside the Dimensional Rift. Jin-Woo has been in the Dimensional Rift for 27 years by this point, but since time passes differently inside the Dimensional Rift than on earth, only two years have passed outside.

Jin-Woo wonders how his family is doing and how he is going to face them once he gets out, when Bellion reports to him that none of the enemies are left alive. Jin-Woo has defeated the Monarch of Transfiguration, who was the key to defeating the Monarchs.

The only enemy left is Antares and his army of dragons. Jin-Woo gives the command to raise the dead from the battlefield and moves to attack Antares. Noticeably, Bellion and Beru are present, but Igris is not. This is probably because Igris is still trapped inside the Temple and Jin-Woo will have to extract him again, that is if the temple is ever created in this timeline.

Solo Leveling 178: The second Shadow Monarch

Next in Solo Leveling 178, Antares is shown sitting on his throne as his soldiers report to him that Jin-Woo has defeated the Monarch of Transfiguration, Yogumunt.

As his soldiers urge him to run away, Antares decides to stay and fight, implying that he had been running away from Jin-Woo for the 27 years that Jin-Woo had spent inside the Dimensional Rift.

Antares is still in disbelief that Jin-Woo would use the Cup of Reincarnation to go back in time. Jin-Woo appears with his Shadow soldiers, and upon Antares’ asking, calls himself the Second Shadow Monarch, implying that he has finally accepted his position as the heir to Ashborn.

Solo Leveling 178 ends with the Monarchs of Shadow and Destruction clashing with each other along with their armies.

Where to read Solo Leveling 178

Solo Leveling is available for reading at TappyToon, but the translation is quite literal there and many might find it not to their taste.

Tapas Media can be a good alternative for a more fluid translation, but the site only updates its Solo Leveling library the following Monday after the episode is released. Therefore, Solo Leveling 178 can only be read on the platform on December 27.

Final thoughts

The battle between Antares and Jin-Woo seems to be the final battle of the series. It is likely that Jin-Woo, with his current powers, will defeat Antares and return safely, keeping his promise to meet Hae-In for a final time.

However, it has been foreshadowed so heavily that Jin-Woo will meet his end in this battle between Rulers and Monarchs. Fans can’t help but be afraid that Jin-Woo might not make it alive, especially since a bulk of his trusted soldiers, namely Iron, Greed, Tank, and most importantly, Igris, seem to be missing.

In either case, the chapter clearly indicates that the webtoon, or at least this season, is about to end. Solo Leveling 179 is slated to be released on December 30, 2021.