Five webtoons and manhwa to pick up after Solo Leveling ended suddenly

Solo Leveling has ended (Image via D&C Media)
Solo Leveling has ended (Image via D&C Media)

Solo Leveling, the popular South Korean webtoon/manhwa, has ended with its 179th chapter. Fans of one of the most popular manhwa series are upset that the series has ended after five great years.

While many fans accepted the series' end and expressed their gratitude, others have been disheartened by the sudden conclusion of the series.

This article will list five webtoons worth reading if you are looking for a series to fill the void left by Solo Leveling.

Five webtoons to read after Solo Leveling

1) Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint

Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (Image via Naver Webtoon)
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (Image via Naver Webtoon)

This webtoon is apocalyptic fantasy fiction, written by a Korean author duo under the pen name Sing Shong.

A novel written by an anonymous author has grasped the interest of a single reader. When the world falls into disarray, Kim Dojka is uniquely equipped to handle the situation. The plot of the novel that solely Kim Dojka reads blends with reality, and he uses his knowledge of the story to survive the apocalypse.

Kim Dokja and his allies endure great challenges in an attempt to change the original plot of the novel and save the world.

2) Tower of God

SUIT's Tower of God is a manhwa series based in the Talse Uzer universe. The webtoon is about a boy named Twenty-Fifth Baam who follows his childhood friend, Rachel, as she attempts to climb to the top of a mysterious tower.

As a young man, Twenty-Fifth Baam has never been exposed to society and other people, except for Rachel - the only woman he cares about. When Rachel wants to reach the summit of the Tower, she embarks on a journey that leaves Baam desperately trying to catch up.

3) Noblesse

There are two pillars of Noble society: the Noblesse and the Lord. The title Noblesse is given to the strongest member of the Noble race. The Lord is a symbol of authority, whereas noblesse are symbols of power.

Although the Lord leads and rules the race publicly, the Noblesse is the race's hidden protector, judge, and executioner. People began referring to all Nobles as Noblesse after the Noblesse disappeared for 820 years.

Upon the return of the protagonist Raizel, the term Noblesse was re-purposed to reflect its historical significance. The series follows Raizel as he attends Ye Ran High School in order to learn more about the modern human world.

4) Dice

The story of Dice revolves around artifacts that grant power to those who possess them. Wielders of Dice experience enhancements to their physical and intellectual abilities, as well as sometimes endowing them with supernatural powers.

At some point in the past, the Dice fell to Earth, landing in a South Korean slum. These ethereal items shot out of the sky, implying that they originated from outer space or another realm. The main antagonist of the webtoon, X, was the first person to reach the impact site. He obtained control of Dice after wishing on a star.

Each of the Dice has unique properties, but they all seem to serve as analytical engines that observe their surroundings, supplying X with a cornucopia of information. X uses this ability to oversee Dicers and provide them with quests.

5) The God of High School

This webtoon follows the exhilarating adventures of Jin Mori as he enters The God of High School, a tournament held in Seoul, South Korea. On the surface, the tournament's purpose is to allow Korean high schoolers to display their strength and crown a champion.

However, the true purpose of the tournament is to identify humans capable of awakening Charyeok - supernatural power loaned to them by one of the many Gods. One of these humans is bound to be The Key, the human incarnation of The Nine-Tails Fox.

The Nine-Tails Fox was a God, and a guardian of Heaven. The King of the Gods eventually came to fear the immense power of the fox, and banished him from heaven. Enraged and betrayed, the Nine-Tails Fox made The Key, which enables the bearer to break the taboo between humans and Gods. With The Key, a human can pull a God out of heaven, making them vulnerable to powerful mortals.


This webtoon has been adapted into an anime and currently has one season available to stream on CrunchyRoll. The webtoon and anime feature exhilirating battles and a compelling story about martial artists obtaining Charyeok, Gods battling in Heaven, and organizations with competing interests for the fate of humanity.

The anime has some of the best fight scene animations.

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