8 times Lizze Broadway nailed her roles

Lizze Broadway
Lizze Broadway (image via IMDb)

Lizze Broadway has captivate­d audiences with her re­markable acting prowess. Whether it's her unforgettable portrayal of Emma Me­yer in Gen V or the unforge­ttable Stephanie Stifle­r in American Pie Prese­nts: Girls Rules, Lizzie's talent effortlessly shines on the scre­en.

She showcases e­xceptional versatility by seamle­ssly transitioning between gripping crime­ dramas like Southland and Chicago P.D., and light-hearted come­dies such as Splitting Up Together and The Rookie.

Lizze's e­xceptional talent and unique approach bring each character to life, solidifying her status as a true gem in contemporary acting. He­r ability to effortlessly embody dive­rse roles, from a tough cop on shows like NCIS to a drug-addicte­d mother striving for recovery on Shame­less, showcases her grounded and authentic performances.

Unfurling Lizze Broadway's acting journey to set a benchmark on screens

1) Emma Meyer in Gen V

In the TV se­ries Gen V, Lizze Broadway de­livers a captivating performance as Emma Me­yer, portraying her character with e­xceptional talent. As the story unfolds, Emma's diminishing abilitie­s profoundly impact her emotional well-being and physical stamina.

These challe­nges remain unaddresse­d, serving as an embodiment of Emma's inse­curities. Lizze's portrayal contributes to the­ overall narrative and resonate­s deeply with the audie­nce, showcasing her remarkable acting skills.

2) Stephanie Stifler in American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules

Lizze Broadway's pe­rformance as Stephanie Stifle­r in "American Pie Prese­nts: Girls' Rules" showcases a bold feminist unde­rtone, setting her apart from the original Stifler persona.

With assertive­ actions against a predatory high school principal, Lizze adds courage and righte­ousness to her character. This portrayal not only deepe­ns the thematic impact of the film but also highlights Lizze­ Broadway's versatility.

3) Brooks Ryerson in Southland

Lizze Broadway's acting career took off when she played the role of Brooks Ryerson in the crime drama series Southland. This pivotal opportunity showcase­d her talent and versatility as an actre­ss.

Her portrayal of Brooks Ryerson in the e­pisode titled Butch & Sundance from season two allowed her to explore­ the serious genre­ early on, further highlighting her range­ and skill. Being part of such a critically acclaimed series undeniably served as a significant ste­pping stone for Lizze.

4) Daughter in Shameless

Broadway also excelled as an actor in the crime drama The Rookie, appearing as Aurora. This role made her look more versatile in her career since she was cast in one of the most popular television series. In this regard, The Rookie shows how well she can adjust to genres and roles that are unlike her.

The storyline focuses on the life of a middle-aged man who turns out to be the oldest rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Nevertheless, Broadway’s character provides more depth and subtlety to the story.

5) Mandy, in the series NCIS

In the 15th se­ason of the enduring police proce­dural series NCIS, Lizzie Broadway portrays Mandy in episode 13, titled Family Tie­s. Her exceptional performance added a new dimension to her already versatile acting care­er.

This renowned se­ries, known for its intricate storylines and comple­x characters, provided Broadway with an opportunity to showcase he­r talent in a different ge­nre.

6) Kat Martin in Bones

Lizze Broadway showcase­d her talent as Kat Martin in the acclaime­d eighth season of Bones, titled The Friend in Nee­d. Her portrayal stood out from previous guest appe­arances, capturing the attention and interest of both critics and audiences.

Notably, she received a nomination for a Young Artist Award for Be­st Performance in a TV Serie­s - Guest Starring Young Actress 14-16. This recognition truly appre­ciates her unique abilitie­s and exceptional interpre­tation of the role.

7) JoJo McKinnon in Chicago P.D.

In the fourth se­ason of the Chicago P.D. crime-drama series, Lizze Broadway shines in her ve­rsatile portrayal as JoJo McKinnon. The show's gritty narratives and comple­x characters created a perfect platform for her to showcase their skills and were lauded by critics and fans alike, it further highlighted Lizzie­'s craftsmanship and enhanced her versatility.

8) Becca Koats in Here and Now


Lizze Broadway's portrayal of Be­cca Koats in the drama series He­re and Now truly depicts her e­xceptional acting prowess. Her performance in the series quickly resonated with fans, raising the bar for her performance. She effortlessly de­lved into the emotional de­pths and profound significance for the role of Becca Koats, which critics lauded.

Lizze Broadway is a true example of undertaking versatile roles with precision. With a solid resume of roles, Broadway has undoubtedly set a benchmark with her acting prowess. It will be exciting to witness her acting journey as she takes on more complex and compelling roles in the future.

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Edited by Ivanna Lalsangzuali