Will Supergirl and Mary Marvel work for Darkseid?: Young Justice: Phantoms post-credits scene explained

Female Furies (Image via HBO Max)
Female Furies (Image via HBO Max)

Young Justice: Phantoms has finally introduced Supergirl into the mix, and while fans are sad to see another season come to an end, things look very bright for the upcoming season of the show if the network decides to move forward with it.

The final episode of season four has possibly the best happy ending ever. We see Miss Martian and Superboy finally getting married. However, it doesn't end there, every superhero and even some friendly villains can be seen attending the ceremony. However, as the revelry comes to an end, the post-credits scene of the episode takes us to Darkseid, as he puts the final pieces of his plan into action.

Supergirl and Mary Marvel join forces with Darkseid

In the post-credits scene of the final episode of Young Justice: Phantoms, we see Grayven present Kara-Zor-El and Mary Marvel, now Black Mary, to Darkseid. It was later revealed that both the characters would be a part of Granny Goodness' elite strike force of supervillainesses: The Female Furies. Grayven first introduced Mary Marvel:

"The first, Black mary was stripped of her birthright by her brother, her mentor, and all her peers."

The finale of season 4 tied every loose end very gracefully. Fans who were wondering about the voice that called Mary Marvel in her moment of weakness at the end of Zatanna's arc, finally got their answer. It was Granny Goodness who used Mary's feud with Zatanna, as well as her fear of using her full powers, to brainwash her into joining the Female Furies.

Although it's not confirmed whether Supergirl was brainwashed or not, it seems to be inspired by DC's 2012 animated movie Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, which was based on the Superman/Batman comic book storyline. Darkseid's super-strong telepathic powers were used in the comics to brainwash Supergirl and declare her the leader of the Female Furies. Fortunately, she was rescued by Superman and the Justice League just in time for her to accept responsibility for her actions.


In the scene where Grayven introduces Supergirl, he also mentions that she was also in the Phantom Zone with the rest of the prisoners, which adds a twist to the already known information, as she was nowhere to be seen when Conner was trapped inside. Graven added:

"As for the second, she is a Kryptonian, captured by The Light, and turned over to the apocalypse as a tribute. Decades ago, she was sent to the Phantom Zone alone. This is Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl. Together, Kara and Mary represent the next generation of Furies, ready to take the battle to the so-called heroes, who betrayed them."

In Mary's case, her struggles with Shazam regarding her powers and her feud with Zatanna gives the Apokoliptians a strong base to brainwash her. But when it comes to Supergirl, a lot of factors are still unspecified.

The final post-credits scene of the show generated a lot of excitement for the next season of Young Justice. There are unidentified factors when it comes to the evil plans of the Apokoliptians, but we can surely confirm that Apokolips is going to wage war on our beloved heroes.

HBO is yet to confirm the show's next season.

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