Who is DC's Kaizer-Thrall? Possible origins explored following Young Justice: Phantoms revelation

Earth 2 #31/ Kaizer-Thrall (Image via DC Comics/ Image via Warner Bros. Animations)
Earth 2 #31/ Kaizer-Thrall (Image via DC Comics/ Image via Warner Bros. Animations)

As the latest arc begins in Young Justice: Phantoms, every viewer wants to know the answer to one question: Who is Kaizer-Thrall, and where did it/he come from?

Kaizer Thrall is a character/object solely created in Young Justice (animated series) and has no mention in the comics. However, we have come up with two theories that might explain the meaning of his existence this season.

So without any further ado, let's dive in!

Exploring Kaizer-Thrall's possible origin

Kaizer-Thrall (Image via Warner Bros. Animations)
Kaizer-Thrall (Image via Warner Bros. Animations)

The end credits of the latest episode reveal that Kaizer-Thrall is a sentient being. If that's not surprising, get this, the object is an eleven-year-old boy from Earth. This revelation takes us back to Young Justice: Outsiders, where we see meta-kids from Markovia being abducted and sold to the highest bidders. These bidders included evil entities and villains like Darkseid and Granny Goodness.

It's likely that Kaizer-Thrall is the result of one of Apokolips' meta-kids with unique abilities being converted into a machine to aid Darkseid in his evil plan to rule the planet. The machine can do amazing things, including inter-dimensional travel with the help of a tracker and act as a torture device made up of zone sickness.

We see the device in full action while obeying the orders of Darkseid and helping Lor-Zod to its fullest. It goes without saying that it is incredibly strong.

If this origin story stands to be true, we have yet to see the details figured out in the upcoming episodes.

Earth 2 #31 (Image via DC Comics)
Earth 2 #31 (Image via DC Comics)

Another (less probable) possiblility with regards to the origin can be linked to the device's name, Kaizer-Thrall. There is a character named Thrall in the DC universe who used to be a defender of Apokolips. This character debuted and died within the same issue, Earth 2 #31.

In the issue, we see Khalid, who is the wearer of the helmet of Fate, trying to save the world from Apokolips. He travels to Darkseid's home planet to steal weapons from the Great Hall of Lore when he meets Arcanis, the keeper of the Lore. They are then joined by Thrall, who acts as Arcanis' prisoner.

As Arcanis tells Khalid about the power of his prisoner as a sorcerer, Nabu (Dr. Fate) is tempted to be with Thrall rather than Khalid. As the helmet chooses Thrall and rests on his head, Nabu realizes that the helmet has no control over Thrall. It's the opposite. Thrall, being extremely powerful, controls the helmet, making Nabu its prisoner.

Earth 2 #31 (Image via DC Comics)
Earth 2 #31 (Image via DC Comics)

Nabu then asks Khalid's help to be free of the situation, and after some arguing over the sudden abandonment, Khalid agrees to save him from Thrall for the sake of the world. He then chops Thrall's head with a spell (no head, no helmet).

However, as the issue ends, we see Khalid telling Nabu that after the world is saved from the pursuits of Apokolips. He will bury the helmet as it is too powerful and poses a threat to the world if in the wrong hands, to which Nabu agrees (being ashamed of his foolishness).

Coming back to Young Justice, we see Khalid as an integral part of Zatanna's arc, and as it ends, we also witness Zatanna's plan to rotate the helmet between her, Zatara, Khalid, and Thirteen. Since the first season, the helmet of Fate has imprisoned Zatara for about ten years, and if the writers are trying to get rid of it, this is their moment.

There is a possibility of Thrall being connected to Kaizer-Thrall. The being is a powerful sorcerer and can be consciously hidden or sentenced to be (with or without the eleven-year-old boy) in the device.

There is a chance of one, both, or neither being right. Naturally, we have to wait for a few more episodes to find out what lies inside the mysterious Kaizer-Thrall.

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