Nightwing finally returns to Young Justice: Phantoms to solve the Superboy mystery in minutes

Nightwing, Tigress, Zatanna (Image via HBO Max)
Nightwing, Tigress, Zatanna (Image via HBO Max)

Every Young Justice fan was waiting to see Nightwing for months, and today we finally got to watch him in action.

Nightwing is able to solve the much-anticipated mystery of Superboy's death in no time in the latest episode of Young Justice: Phantoms. The mystery was perplexing for everyone searching for Conner, including the members of the Legion of Superheroes. It seems that the Legion should have gone straight to Nightwing instead of Superman or Bart Allen. However, we can be glad that Young Justice: Phantoms did not limit itself to fifteen episodes.

Let's go through today's episode and see how Nightwing cracked everything in minutes!

How did Nightwing crack the mystery in minutes?

Dick Grayson (Image via Warner Bros. Animation)
Dick Grayson (Image via Warner Bros. Animation)

Dick has taken some time off from patrolling Bludhaven and Gotham city to go back to his roots, Haly's Circus. He is seen giving a spectacular performance under the name used by him in the very first season of the show, Dan Danger.

We then see Zatanna reaching out to him for help. He explains to Zatanna that he has been taking a break and is hence rusty when it comes to detective skills. Regardless, Zatanna asks him for twenty-four hours of his time. She says that if he's not able to find anything suspicious in twenty-four hours, she'll stop bothering him, to which Dick agrees.

They're then seen in Bludhaven, trying to find leads, when Zatanna shows Nightwing her magical vision, which portrays Conner in a state of nothingness. In moments, they also find out that Bart is missing (they've been out of the system). Nightwing then checks out Bart's credit card bills and a store security footage of him with two strangers (Legion of Superheroes). However, even after running facial recognition, they are still unrecognizable (they came from the future).

@Joatmoniac I didn’t know how much I needed ‘Nightwing showing up and putting everything together’ in my life until today.#youngjustice

Dick then runs a face match against other collected footage and stumbles upon the clip of them hanging out with Superman at Bibbo's. Our heroes then go to confront Superman about it. After some questioning, they discover that Superman cannot tell them anything since too many revelations can disrupt the time stream. But, he does tell them that they're trustworthy, which rules out the possibility of foul play.

Nightwing then plays around with the possibility of them shopping together to gear up for a mission. He proposes for them to visit the Watchtower to find out if there are any missing supplies. His suspicion is proven correct when they discover that five inhibitor collars, one space belt, and one zeta tube are missing from the inventory. Through security cameras, they also find out that Bart has taken these supplies himself. As they leave the Watchtower, Artemis also joins them in the mission.

Back in Bludhaven, two other face matches tell them that one stranger was present at last year's private party at Bibbo's spying on Conner and Megan, and the other was present at UN the day Conner revealed himself. They are hence able to connect the strangers directly to Conner.


They deduce that the disappearance of the space belt indicates that the strangers and Bart are on an off-world mission. Artemis helps in connecting the dots by revealing that a league squad just came back from an off-world mission (Rocket) involving a time-traveling Kryptonian.

Our heroes then visit Rocket, who gives them a detailed description of her off-world mission. Nightwing asks her if she remembers who destroyed the phantom zone projector and Rocket reveals that it was fired from a beam from a camouflaged bio-ship. This discloses a connection to Mars, suggesting another link to Conner.

Dick then asks Zatanna to look at Rocket's exact memory. As she glances into it, she immediately finds out that Conner is in the Phantom Zone. She realizes that the place of nothingness in her vision is the Phantom Zone.

No detective like a Bat-Family detective. It took Dick Grayson a mere ten minutes of screen time to solve the case of a missing Superboy.

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