Who is Ally Allston? Origins of Superman & Lois Season 2 villain explored along with Granny Goodness theories

Ally Allston, Granny Goodness, and Bizarro (Image via CW/DC Comics)
Ally Allston, Granny Goodness, and Bizarro (Image via CW/DC Comics)

Fans of Superman & Lois were left aghast when cult leader Ally Allston was teased as the major villain of Season 2. She first appeared in Season 2 Episode 3 ("The Thing in the Mine"). A leader and founder of a cult called Inverse Society, Ally is an expert manipulator. Fans are digging deep into the internet to learn more about her Marvel comic book origin.

In Episode 5, a young Ally was presented with a mysterious pendant in her father's will. The lawyer who presented her with the artifact said:

"It's up to you to finish his life's work."

Although the true nature and origin of the pendant were not completely disclosed, we saw that its users could witness the bizarre world. The bizarre version of Superman could also be seen wearing a similar pendant, which proved that the artifact was more than likely a red herring.

Ally Allston likely to be the big bad of Season 2

CW's primetime superhero drama has long teased Superman's bizarre version as the primary antagonist. But after a high-octane fight sequence between the Man of Steel and Bizarro, Allston was exposed as the ultimate villain.

The bizarre version of Superman, who was being held captive in Tal-Rho's fortress, said:

"Ally Allston will destroy everything you love; your friends, your family, you'll lose it all. Unless you kill her first."

The dialog almost confirmed Ally as the villain. The internet caught fire and netizens began hypothesizing about Allston's true identity. While some claimed her to be the Parasite, others alleged Allston could be Granny Goodness, servant of the God of Evil Darkseid himself.

Internet postulates Allston as Granny Goodness

As per DC Comics, Granny Goodness is the prime henchman of the Lord of Apokolips. Goodness joined Darkseid in his many intergalactic endeavors and has clashed with Superman numerous times. Having last made an appearance on Smallville Season 10, she is a formidable foe with an army of female furies under her command.

Although Granny Goodness can be a good launchpad for introducing Darkseid, it is unlikely that Allston is Granny Goodness. Superman & Lois is first and foremost a family drama about the intimate lives of both Superman and Lois. As such, including overpowered characters such as Granny Goodness or Darkseid could tilt the balance of the show in Superman’s favor.

Other theories suggest Ally Allston is the Arrowverse's version of Alexandra Allson, a parasite that feeds on people's energy. In the comics, Alexandra became a member of the Secret Society of Supervillains under the supervision of Lex Luthor.

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