Blade star Wesley Snipes returns to comic world with graphic novel: All you need to know about The Exiled

Blade (L) and Snipe’s The Exiled (Image via Marvel Studios/New Line Cinema/Gifted Rebels)
Blade (L) and Snipe’s The Exiled (Image via Marvel Studios/New Line Cinema/Gifted Rebels)

Our favorite hacker slasher, Blade actor Wesley Snipes, is making a return. Not on the big screen but on the vivid panels of comic books.

The Exiled is Snipe’s new graphic novel, a noir thriller in an urban setting. The actor’s own production company, Maandi House Studios, is collaborating with comic publishers Gifted Rebels, known for comics like The Eighth and The Kill Journal.


After his crucial role as the vampire slayer in the Blade trilogy, still considered the cornerstone of modern comic book movies, Wesley Snipes has dabbled in the comic book industry with After Dark, a limited series for Radical Comics. He also co-wrote Talon of God, an action-packed religious thriller.

The Exiled is his long-awaited return to the comic book medium.

Wesley Snipes co-created The Exiled, whose characters and the world seem dark and gritty

The Exiled is a story of detective Niles “Roach” Washington, who is trying to solve a case of a serial killer who rips off the spines of his victims using 5000-year-old tools. While Roach has his theories, the world dismisses them as absurd and outcasts the detective, who is hell-bent on his instincts.

Proud of the protagonist he created, Wesley Snipes, in an interview with Deadline, stated:

“Comics let you explore big worlds. Since Blade, I have been attracted to origin stories and developing characters. Now, I get to build “Roach” as a character from the ground up, and I dig that.”
@wesleysnipes Hope to see you play this character one day

Co-writers of the project include Adam Lawson, known for the movie Snakes on a Plane and comic books like The Eighth, and Keith Arem, who is known for games like Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Call of Duty 2, and Titanfall.

Gabriel “Eskivo” Santos, who previously worked for Knightwraith, handled the art for the project, while Valentina Bianconi, known for Seven Swords and Two Moons, was the colorist.

Keith Arem told Deadline:

“I’m thrilled to work with Wesley again. He is a fantastic creative partner, and Adam and I love collaborating with him,”.

He added that:

“The Exiled is a dark reflection of what is happening in the world and a chance for us to explore new conspiracies and stories.”
Wesley Snipes is producing a new comic called The Exiled: Former Blade star Wesley Snipes is helping to shape the story of a new comic book, The Exiled, in partnership with Gifted Rebels and PCB Entertainment,… #digit #smart #number

Wesley Snipes’ The Exiled will be a crowdfunded project and available for funding from June 21. Day one supporters of the project will get a 120mm figurine of the protagonist, Niles Roach.

Patrons of the project will receive a collectors edition of the graphic novel, along with a manga-sized version of the comic.

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