How did Hawkeye become a Superhero? Origin, Powers and more explained

Hawkeye is an underrated superhero (Image via Marvel Studios)
Jeremy Renner's character of the archer is an underrated superhero (Image via Marvel Studios)

One of the most elusive superheroes, Hawkeye steps in wherever needed. He seems to be a loner who occasionally takes a break from the superhero gang. After being part of the mega-star cast of the Avengers team, it is time for Hawkeye to enjoy exclusive attention from fans.

The solitary marksman has only received love from fans ever since he was created, designed and introduced to fans by Stan Lee and Don Heck. Jeremy Renner portrayed this hero on screen and with his sensitive and subtle representation, the hero garnered more fans among movie enthusiasts.

He is one of the few superheroes without superpowers or advanced technology helping him succeed. His achievements come from his sophisticated level of skill, which is the main reason for his massive fan-following.

However, this persona has also left huge gaps in its appearance. That leaves enough room for curiosity about the archer – his origin as a marksman, his powers, and his endeavors in alternate realities.

Who is Hawkeye?


The hero began his journey as a villain and Ironman's enemy in 1964. After a few more negative moves, he switches over to the Avengers’ side. Within a year of his inaugural, he was applying to be one of the Avengers with Black Widow.

The superhero was born Clint Barton, who lost his parents in a car crash. Clint also had a brother, Barney, and the two ran away from the orphanage, after which, the Swordsman trained Clint to be an ace archer. Differences and issues with Swordsman and Barney force Clint to join circuses as an archer.

However, it was his encounter with the Black Widow and him trying to help her in her missions that changed the course of action for the archer.

Hawkeye has been drifting from one adventure to another, returning to the Avengers team from time to time. He has had encounters and collaborations with various heroes and superpowers. Additionally, he also had some kind of involvement with several other heroes like Black Widow, Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch and the Wasp.

Clint has also been in contact with some important organizations – Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., West Coast Avengers, etc. He also continued to experiment with his costume and identity throughout his career as a fighter for justice. He was the Goliath for some time, Dreadknight to mentor the Thunderbolts, and Ronin to rescue Echo.

How many roles does the super skilled archer play?

Kate Bishop is the other ace archer (Image credit Marvel Studios)
Kate Bishop is the other ace archer (Image credit Marvel Studios)

It is interesting to note that in comics, just as characters change their costumes, the same role may be taken up by different characters. The superhero arhcer has changed his costume to play different roles in different situations. He assumes the role of Goliath after Hank Pym and pretends to be Ronin to save Echo.

When he meets Kate Bishop, another skilled archer, he finds out that she also goes by the same name that was given to her by Captain America. The Captain gives her the name as he assumes that Clint Barton is dead.

Meanwhile, Kate is incredibly impressed with Clint and his skills especially since he earned his position due to the skills. Upon his return, Clint encouraged Kate to continue with the identity letting two Hawkeyes work at the same time.

Clint’s other unusual interactions

Black Widow has an influence on the archer (Image credit Marvel Studios)
Black Widow has an influence on the archer (Image credit Marvel Studios)

Hawkeye’s unusual interactions with the MCU started with The Avengers in 2012. Loki captures him and uses him as an enforcer before a combat helps him break free and join Captain America and Black Widow. In Avengers: Endgame, he helps Black Widow retrieve the Soul Stone, leading to Natasha’s sacrifice of life.

This event was put into another perspective in the 2021 movie, Black Widow. Here, Contessa Valentina informs Natasha’s sister Yelena that Hawkeye was responsible for Natasha’s death. Thus, a target was put on the archer for Yelena to hunt him down in revenge. There are more twists in the movie Hawkeye.

Marvel Comics has also introduced a dog named Lucky in the series. Blinded in one eye due to a fight between Hawkeye and some goons, this puppy is befriended by both Clint and Kate. One issue has the whole story from the point of view of Lucky, the pooch.

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