Learn about Jane Foster becoming Lady Thor before Natalie Portman plays her in Thor: Love and Thunder

Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor (Image via Marvel Comics)
Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor (Image via Marvel Comics)

Jane Foster is set to make her debut as Mighty Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, and we don't even have an official look at her yet. Not only that, but the movie has also beaten the record for the shortest time between a Marvel movie and a trailer, a record previously held by The Incredible Hulk.

However, leaks from the movie have done a pretty good job at giving us some content.

Just this past week, we got our first look at Gorr from Thor: Love and Thunder and a better look at Jane Foster's Mighty Thor. Over the last few years, the latter has become quite the vital character in the Thor mythos. Her journey as the Goddess of Thunder is as heartbreaking as they come, but at the same time, it still manages to be inspiring.

So before we see her debut as the character in the upcoming movie, let's look at exactly how Jane Foster became Thor and her story.

Jane Foster struck with cancer, picks up Mjolnir and becomes Mighty Thor

After Jane Foster was diagnosed with breast cancer in the comics, Thor invited her to represent Midgard in the Congress of the Worlds. After reaching Asgard, Foster refuses to get any magical treatment that might cure her, although she does undergo therapy.

After Nick Fury whispers a secret to Thor, it causes him to lose control of his hammer, Mjolnir. It was left unattended on the moon when it started communicating with Jane Foster.

Jane gives into the hammer's call and asks Heimdall to take her where it's located. She then picks up the hammer and slowly learns how to use it as she sees Thor command it in battle.

Jane quickly finds herself battling Malekith as he is right in the middle of his alliance with the Frost Giants. With them planning to bring Laufey back to life, Jane channels the power of thunder and battles them. The Frost Giants are unsuccessful as Jane puts a stop to their schemes.

With Thor aware of an unknown woman using Mjolnir, he begins seeking her out so he can relinquish her of the powers. But seeing her in action, he has a change of heart and gives her his blessing and drops the title of Thor. From there on out, he becomes Odinson and continues saving the universe under that name.

With Odin getting to know that someone else has the Mjolnir now, he gets enraged and sends his brother Cul in a Destroyer armor to retrieve the hammer from the new Thor. Odinson and Freyja, in support of Jane, gather an army of women so that she gets a fighting chance.

After the battle is done, Odinson asks Thor to reveal who she is, but before Jane can tell him about her, they are interrupted by the S.H.I.E.L.D. This is where they both part ways, and Jane becomes the new Thor.

Jane's story is quite tragic in a way. Every time she turns into the Goddess of Thunder, she kills herself. This is because the use of Mjolnir and her transformation into Thor undoes whatever chemotherapy she has gone through.

So every time she turns into Thor, her cancer just gets worse.

This story could make for a really interesting concept in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, and with Portman portraying her, we sure are in for a powerhouse of a performance. It releases in theaters on July 8.

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