The Boys season 4 drops new key visuals highlighting the major upcoming events

The Boys season 4 posters and release date
Uh-oh, trouble cometh Butcher and his Boys' way (Image via Prime Video)

Prime Video has unveiled two new posters for The Boys season 4, which is scheduled to premiere in 2024. Both the posters were released on X from The Boys' official account on November 8. The first one depicts a relatively wonderful day for Homelander, where he is seen basking in glory and confetti.

Butcher on the other hand is shown in the aftermath of the glory, with a gloomy expression. These two new images for The Boys season 4 hinted at the events that would take place in the highly awaited upcoming season.

These images seem to imply that the election day that was alluded to in The Boys' third season will be theirs to take. Butcher is visibly disappointed as he appears amidst the aftermath, knowing that this is devastating news for him and his gang.

The Boys season 4 brings bad news for Bucther and his crew

The posters which were released via The Boys' official account are captioned "Let's light this candle." Despite the fact that the two primary characters' reactions differ greatly from one another, both posters appear to be celebrating something.

We find out at the conclusion of The Boys season 3 that Homelander is supporting vice-presidential contender Victoria Neuman and presidential candidate Robert Singer.

Judging by these posters, it appears like Neuman and Singer will win the presidential election in The Boys season 4, much to the dismay of Butcher, and his boys, who are plotting to get payback on Neuman, the hidden supe.

In an interview with Variety, Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys, also disclosed that the sequence of events in the upcoming season 4 of the show would closely tie in with those of the last episode of Gen V.

Those who have viewed the season finale are aware that Butcher and Homelander both appeared in the last episode of Gen V. Butcher's appearance was in a mid-credits sequence teasing The Boys season 4 for viewers, and Homelander had a significantly larger part in the episode itself.

Despite maintaining a façade of, " Peace, justice, and the American way" throughout the course of his superhero career, Homelander’s far-right inclinations were exposed when he openly supported supe agendas at Godolkin University.

According to Kripke, the showrunner, season 4 of The Boys finished filming before the actors' strike began in July. He also said that the majority of the program's editing has been completed, and the crew is currently working on the VFX and soundtrack.

The release date for The Boys season 4 is 2024, according to the posters. Since the marketing team is getting busy, it appears that a more precise premiere date should be revealed soon.

Right now, viewers can hop onto Amazon Prime Video worldwide in order to stream The Boys seasons 1-3 and Gen V season 1 while they await more news.

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