The Mandalorian season 3 episode 4: Grogu's past and future revealed

Grogu in The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 4 (Image via Lucasfilm)
Grogu in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 4 (Image via Lucasfilm)

After revealing how the Imperial kept Palpatine’s return a secret, The Mandalorian season 3 episode 4 brings us back to the sweet spot. It takes huge strides in telling Grogu’s past and setting up his future.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian chapter 20, The Foundling.

Besides Grogu, Bo-Katan Kryse gains the trust of the Armorer and other Mandalorians. Meanwhile, Din Djarin befriends Paz Vizsla by showcasing his heroics yet again. But the biggest surprise in episode 4 was the return of a Jedi.

The Mandalorian season 3 episode 4 highlights

Grogu begins his Mandalorian training

Grogu’s training in The Mandalorian Chapter 20 (Image via Lucasfilm)
Grogu’s training in The Mandalorian Chapter 20 (Image via Lucasfilm)

Since Grogu rejected the ways of a Jedi and chose to be with Mando, the latter put him through the training routines of a Foundling. He made Grogu challenge Ragnar, the son of Paz Vizsla, and the little one managed to win a darts contest, much to the surprise of everyone.

Following Grogu’s win, the Armorer gave the child a rondel with a Mudhorn sigil made out of beskar. This marks his official welcome into the Mandalorian creed. The beskar rondel also acts as a protective armor for the little one.

Grogu's savior comes forward

Kelleran Beq in The Mandalorian chapter 20 (Image via Lucasfilm)
Kelleran Beq in The Mandalorian chapter 20 (Image via Lucasfilm)

While forging the rondel for foundling Grogu, the Armorer introduces him to the forge, which prompts Grogu to think about his past. This takes us back to the night of the siege at the Jedi temple, where it’s revealed that Grogu was saved by Kelleran Beq, a Jedi master who also served at the temple.

He is a relatively new character added to Star Wars as he made his jump from 2020’s kids’ gameshow, Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge to The Mandalorian. However, actor Ahmed Best, who plays this new Jedi, is a Star Wars veteran as he also voiced Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy.

Bo-Katan adopts the old way

Bo-Katan Kryse in The Mandalorian chapter 20 (Image via Lucasfilm)
Bo-Katan Kryse in The Mandalorian chapter 20 (Image via Lucasfilm)

Bo-Katan Kryse’s arc also expands as, after being redeemed, the old way of Mand’alore starts to grow upon her. She continues to follow the rules of a Mandalorian by not removing her helmet. But then, as young Ragnar gets apprehended by a terrestrial dragon, she successfully manages to follow it back to its lair on her ship while the other Mandalorians run out of fuel.

After mapping the route to the lair, she leads a hunting party to get the child back and eventually succeeds in the mission. But after defeating the dragon, the other Mandalorians don’t just bring Ragnar back, but also the dragon’s three young children as foundlings. The Armorer honors her upon her return and grants her a new signet of the Mythosaur to wear along with her Nite Owl sigil.

She accepts it, implying that she will continue to follow the old way. She also tells the Armorer that she saw a real Mythosaur while saving Din in the Living Waters. The latter doesn’t get surprised by that despite the creature being extinct.

The existence of a Mythosaur ties in with what the Armorer told Mando in The Book of Boba Fett when she said,

“The songs of eons past foretold of the Mythosaur rising up to herald a new age of Mandalore.”

So, it acts as a hint for the rise of Mandalore once again.

Mando earns Paz Vizsla’s respect

While Bo-Katan led the search party to get Ragnar back from the dragon, it was Din Djarin who ultimately managed to save the child. Paz Vizsla hasn’t been a fan of Din so far. But Din’s efforts to save his son began a new friendship. It acts as a setup for Paz following Mando’s lead in the future.

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