Who is David Gallaher? Green Lantern Corps comic writer's GoFundMe set up after NYC assault

David Gallaher (Image via Facebook/davidgallaher)
David Gallaher (Image via Facebook/davidgallaher)

Renowned comic writer David Gallaher is being hailed as a superhero himself after his commendable feat on March 4, where he defended a seemingly 13-year-old girl from being assaulted. As per New York Daily News reports, Gallaher tried to call the 911 emergency services to safeguard the girl.

The publication also reported that the incident occurred at Park Slope in NYC, when the writer was on his way to buy cat food. Following Gallaher’s intervention, the “gang of kids punched me, threw trash at me, and pelted” rocks at the comics writer. In a GoFundMe page Gallaher set up, he shared that at the time, the group was trying to push the girl’s face onto the glass window of a car.

However, despite the injuries from his assault, David Gallaher told New York Daily News that he would intervene in such cases again if need be. He also noted that it is the responsibility of people to “step in and do what we can” when someone is unable to push back against their oppression.

David Gallaher was left injured after an applaudable intervention to help a young girl from being assaulted

As per Gallaher’s claims on his GoFundMe Page, he sustained kidney damage and had a broken cheekbone. The 46-year-old writer was treated at the New York Methodist Hospital, where he received initial ER treatments.

The fundraiser targets around $12,650 in the initial rounds and has already garnered almost $9,000 from about 200 donations. Gallaher intends to use the funds for his medical bills and the legal costs of pursuing the charges against his attackers. He revealed that the perpetrators were all arrested following the incident. Gallaher also disclosed:

“I have been working with the DA and other groups to bring a degree of restorative justice to this case.”

In the GoFundMe description, the writer mentioned that he had lost out on a lot of work following his hospitalization.

What is known about the renowned comics writer David Gallaher?


David Matthew Gallaher is a 46-year-old Honolulu, Hawaii native who is best known for his work as a writer on Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon series based on Tom Clancy’s video game series. The New York City resident is also renowned for his DC comic run Convergence: Green Lanterns Corp.

Gallaher has also written for Marvel comics, including comics like Iron Man: Threaded Web, Untold Tales of Spider-Man: Threaded Web, and Hulk: Winter Guard.

The comic writer started his career in the early 2000s, following his graduation from Goddard College with a BS in Comics (Sequential Art and Cultural Studies).

Throughout his extensive career, spanning over two decades, David Gallaher won multiple awards, including numerous nominations for Harvey Awards. In 2009, Gallaher won a Harvey Award in the ‘Best Online Comic’ category for his work in DC’s High Moon. In 2016, Gallaher disclosed to Gizmodo that he has epilepsy, which affected how he approached comics.

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