Who is DC's Sabbac? Origin explored about potential supervillain to Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam in the upcoming DCEU film

Sabbac to appear as the villain in Black Adam (Image via DC)
Sabbac to appear as the villain in Black Adam (Image via DC)

Heading towards Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam brings a wave of curiosity among fans. It's been a while since fans came across the teaser, but no clues were received regarding the main bad guy of the DCEU movie.

However, the recent toy listings of Black Adam disclosed a name that is rumored to be seen as the main villain and it's none other than one of Shazam's greatest adversaries, Sabbac. The listing reveals that the toy figure of Sabbac will be Mega. This means he will be the biggest of them all. Aside from this information, nothing is known yet.

Getting Sabbac's name as the main villain makes a lot of sense as he is connected to Shazam as well as Black Adam. Now, we have to see who exactly is the villain that will give Dwayne Johnson's anti-hero a challenging ride.

Newly Leaked #BlackAdam #Funko Pops offer our first glimpse at the film's main antagonist, Sabbac.See it Here:…

Sabbac to debut as the main villain in Black Adam

Sabbac is a villain who possesses several powerful demonic superpowers, including superhuman strength, superhuman speed, energy blasts and the ability to fly.

In the comic book, there are two supervillains using the name Sabbac. Initially, the supervillain first appeared in 1943 as a nemesis to Captain Marvel Jr. Later, in 2004, Tom Raney and Judd Winick's version was seen in Outsiders Vol. 3 #8.

Sabbac comes with demonic powers (Image via DC)
Sabbac comes with demonic powers (Image via DC)

Sabbac doesn't get his powers from the gods. In fact, he drew his villainous powers from Satan dwelling in Hell. Hence, he is undoubtedly someone who would stand against good.

To access demonic powers, the character has to say "Sabbac," and a lightning bolt from the underworld strikes him, giving him these powers. Sabbac's abilities are quite similar, and yet opposite to Shazam's source of power.

There are rumors surrounding the actor chosen for this role. Murmurs of Aladdin and The Mummy's Marwan Kenzari portraying Sabbac have been doing the rounds. However, nothing related to this has been confirmed to date.

Marwan Kenzari is reportedly being eyed to play the villain Sabbac in ‘BLACK ADAM’.(Source:…)

As per the sources, it's stated that:

"Through casting information available to The Illuminerdi, we can confirm that the Black Adam production is searching for a male in their forties to play a strong supporting role as a villain named Ishmael. There is interest in Tunisian-Dutch actor Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin, Wolf, The Old Guard). Keep in mind that while their “interest” may mean that Kenzari is in contention to play our villain, it’s still quite possible that another actor will ultimately be cast as “Ishmael.""

Now, it would be interesting to see whether or not the rumored actor will be seen in the shoes of Sabbac. Fans can expect the studio to reveal some official information about the villain through the much-speculated trailer for Black Adam.

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