Who are the Payback in Boys Season 3? Exploring the superhero team led by Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy

The team from the show and the comics (Image via Amazon Prime and Dynamite Entertainment)
The team from the show and the comics (Image via Amazon Prime and Dynamite Entertainment)

The Payback is all set to make their live-action debut in the upcoming season of The Boys. Not only will viewers witness The Seven in action, but Payback as well in all its glory. Featuring members like Soldier Boy, Stormfront and more, this is a group that will definitely leave fans shocked like The Seven has.

With the debut of Payback, it appears The Boys Season 3 is going to dig even deeper into the characters that were present in the comics. This was quite evident in the recent trailer, which featured all of the blood, gore, and head explosions that we've come to anticipate from this franchise.

So with that being said, let's take a look at who exactly the Payback is and what they mean for the series.


The Payback is set to make their live action debut in the upcoming season of The Boys

Poster for the upcoming season (Image via Amazon Prime Video)
Poster for the upcoming season (Image via Amazon Prime Video)

For a long time, viewers have been getting hints about a new superhero group debuting in the season. With Jensen Ackles set to debut as Soldier Boy in the series, it only made sense to introduce the Payback as well.

The team in the comics consists of these members:

  • Tek Knight
  • Stormfront
  • Soldier Boy
  • Swatto
  • Crimson Countess
  • Mind-Droid
  • Eagle the Archer

However, the team we will see on the show will be slightly different from what has been mentioned here. But, in terms of the team itself, Payback is the second-most popular squad in The Boys universe, trailing right behind Seven.

Payback is a satire of The Avengers in The Boys comic. With everyone in The Boys being a caricature of every popular comic superhero, their superheroes are also parodies of other superheroes. For example, Soldier Boy is a parody of Captain America, Stormfront is of Thor, Crimson Countess is of Scarlet Witch, Tek Knight is of Iron Man, Mind-Droid is of Vision and Swatto is that of Hank Pym.

The team is led by their "elected" leader Soldier Boy, although it's Stormfront who does most of the heavy lifting. Soldier Boy, who leads the team in the comics, does his hardest to go against all of the team's values. At times, he would even abandon them in the middle of a battle when they would be on the verge of losing.

The official key art for #TheBoys Season 3:

In the comics, Payback is approached by Vought to take down the Boys, but when the fight began, they were completely outmatched. Every member of the team either dies, or is gravely injured by Billy Butcher.

The team has only been referenced a few times in the show thus far. We learned about Tek Knight, Soldier Boy, and the Crimson Countess in Seasons 1 and 2.

Stormfront appeared in Season 2 and quickly became one of the show's main adversaries. In the comics, her arc was switched with that of Homelander. We don't know if she'll appear in season 3 now that she's likely dead.

The Crimson Countess also made a few appearances in the brand new trailer for the series, although the extent of her role still remains to be seen.

Based on the promo pictures from the upcoming season, it looks like the Seven member, Black Noir is also going to be a part of the Payback. Hence, don't expect a same-to-same adaptation of the comics.

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in #TheBoys Season 3.

The series is presumably also altering the personality of Soldier Boy as well. While he is portrayed as more cowardly in the comics, his personality will be altered here to make him appear even worse than Homelander.

We shall see the team in action when The Boys Season 3 premieres on June 3, 2022.

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