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3 easy-to-follow bowling actions if you want to be a right-arm fast bowler

Abdul Shakoor
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:03 IST

Fast bowling is the beauty of cricket, isn't it? It adds to the entertainment of the game. Those regulations, the sights of aggression, the organized footsteps, the coordinated arms, those flung deliveries, are all amazing to watch. Fast bowlers like Jeff Thomson, Brett Lee and Shoaib Akhtar set a high standard and in a game of audacious batsmen, you need some bowlers of that kind to give them a scare.

The bowler of Jeff Thomson kind

Fast bowlers nowadays are those bowling over 140+ clicks with ease. There are a bunch of cricket fans wanting to be a fast bowler, a real fast one. So here is a list of fast bowlers one can follow the bowling actions of.

These bowling actions are somehow easier to follow than others but are still hard to master. One can follow these actions watching the videos of these bowlers and picking their basics.

#1 Shaun Tait

Big Bash League - Heat v Hurricanes

The South Australian has a round-arm slingy action to fling the leather towards the batsman. He bowled consistently with a speed of 150 kp/h in the peak of his career. To follow his bowling action, you don't need to run very fast or have a very long run-up, just strong arms and wrists.

You can run in with a normal speed but just when you reach the umpire you've got to pull your arm back. The arm should go back till your hand comes parallel with your abdomen and wrists should be cocked. At the same time, you should lift your left leg and bring the right leg back, turning your body side-on and plonk your front foot on the crease. Bring your arm a little higher and release the ball with combined force of your wrists and arm.

The grip should not be wide-fingered as it will disturb your accuracy, resulting in bowling wayward deliveries on either side of the stumps.

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Published 07 Oct 2018, 21:59 IST
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