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3 Legends who changed Indian cricket

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India v Sri Lanka - 2011 ICC World Cup Final
India v Sri Lanka - 2011 ICC World Cup Final

Never has cricket been bigger in India than it is today. While the sport has always been woven in the fabric of India's culture, its rise to the pinnacle can largely be attributed to three significant phases in its history.

The transformation of a nation from being a mere participant in the arena of international cricket to become a giant that rules the jungle is a fascinating story the likes of which the world of cricket has never seen before.

This journey from rags to riches was built on the backs of young Indians who toiled against tough odds to make their seemingly impossible dream, of playing for their country, a reality.

The struggles of a young Sachin or the trials and tribulations of a Dhoni or the determination and hard work of a Kohli are individual inspirational contributions on which the foundation of this new strong Indian cricket team is built.

Indian cricket has never been short of heroes and their contributions. But over the last four decades or so, the rise of Indian cricket can largely be attributed to three significant phases and three legends whose leadership during those periods was pivotal to the growth of Indian cricket. So, let us identify those phases and pay tribute to those three legends of Indian cricket.

#3 Kapil Dev and the Early 80's

Kapil Dev receiving the 1983 World Cup Trophy
Kapil Dev receiving the 1983 World Cup Trophy

Until India emerged from the wilderness to unexpectedly win the 1983 World Cup, Indian cricket was in sleep mode. The Indian cricket team was never considered a serious contender against any top team.

The West Indies, England, and Australia were the pre-eminent teams that others tried to emulate. But Kapil's Devils, as they affectionately came to be known, changed all of that.

Against all odds and expert prognostications, they fought like warriors as they toppled one big side after another and achieved the improbable- a World Cup victory. That victory instilled a belief in that team, and indeed in the country that supported them unconditionally, that they had in them to be among the best.

The incident turned out to be a watershed moment in Indian cricket and the people and the team have never looked back since.

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