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3 players with the most international sixes in 2019

  • The usual suspects top the list of clearing the fence the most
Modified 23 Dec 2019, 14:52 IST

One of the best boundary clearers in the world
One of the best boundary clearers in the world

Sixes are an indispensable part of modern day cricket, whether it’s any format of the game - long, short or shorter. While the size of the bats has a key role to play in it, the evolution of the game and the upgradation of the hitting skills of the batsmen are also responsible for so many more sixes being hit these days than in the past.

Some players have a natural six hitting ability which comes either from the muscle power they possess or the gift of timing they have. These players never shy away from playing the ball in the air even if the game is on the line because they have so much trust in their abilities to clear the ropes. Today we will talk about 3 players with most international sixes in 2019.

#3 Chris Gayle 

Chris Gayle

Whenever we talk about hitting sixes, Chris Gayle is always going to be up there somewhere. He didn’t play as many games as the other two players in the list ahead, but he is still not too far behind. Gayle had just 15 ODI and 2 T20I innings under his belt in 2019 in which he smashed 58 sixes.

Gayle has a very long reach which obviously helps him in hitting sixes because he is able to get to the pitch of the ball even if the ball is only slightly full and not quite a half volley. But, it’s not the only reason why he hits so many sixes. The most important aspect of Gayle’s six hitting ability is the body strength that he possesses. The ball doesn’t always need to come out of the middle of his willow to travel the distance. Even if he gets a decent chunk of the bat, it’s enough to clear the boundary most of the time.

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Published 23 Dec 2019, 14:52 IST
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