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4 reasons why Prithvi Shaw isn't the next Sachin Tendulkar

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16.44K   //    06 Oct 2018, 09:00 IST

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A 13-year-old kid hits a mammoth 546 runs in Harris Shield Elite Division, thus setting the maximum score by any batsman in an organized form of cricket. Fast forward 5 years, the kid is now a teen playing for India and the comparisons with the former great Sachin Tendulkar have already started after his exponential rise. This isn’t the first time though that such comparisons are being made.

When Sachin had a dream run during 90s, he was compared with Bradman and even called the next Bradman but he proved them wrong to be known as the first Sachin Tendulkar. The Kohli – Sachin comparison can still be seen in Social Media even after Kohli proved them wrong. The next player is an 18-year-old prodigy, Prithvi Shaw. Shaw hails from Mumbai like Sachin and his striking resemblance with the Master Blaster have been the root for these comparisons.

Although both hold multiple similarities, we list you some reasons why he is not next Sachin Tendulkar but first Prithvi Shaw:

#1 The era is different

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Prithvi Shaw who debuted in the ongoing Test match against Windies went on to hit a century thus becoming the 3rd youngest to do so. Sachin who debuted against Pakistan hit his first century in Manchester against England. Though both hit a century in their teens, the conditions are largely different. Sachin hit a century in overseas against a quality English attack. Shaw century came against a mediocre Windies attack.

That doesn’t mean Shaw century is less worthy than Sachin but the conditions are different. Sachin played during the times when bowlers had the upper hand. It was impossible to conquer them during his period but that’s not the case with Prithvi Shaw. The current era purely belongs to batsmen and bowlers are having a hard time on the field thus making the comparisons meaningless and illogical. 

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