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5 biggest rifts in Indian cricket team history till date

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Sports teams are often portrayed as a happy family by many observers and it is usually a carefully cultivated image that most teams like to carry. However, frictions among teammates are part and parcel of most team sports and in this regard, Indian cricket team is no different.

Ever since India played its first Test series, back in 1932, tiffs between teammates have been quite common. From issue about players' attitude towards each other to fights over captaincy and rivalries emerging out of competitiveness between two cricketers; Indian cricket has seen it all.

More importantly, some of the most iconic Indian cricketers have been involved in barely disguised feuds with one another for the large parts of their careers. Here is a look at 5 of the biggest ones.

#5 Lala Amarnath and Maharaja of Vizianagaram, 1936

Lala Amamath
Lala Amarnath

One of India's best cricketers of the time clashed with a king during the 1936 tour to England and it was probably the first big controversy in the realms of the country's cricket history. The Maharaja of Vizianagaram, better known simply as Vizzy, was India's second ever Test captain but he got the job on the back of backroom lobbying rather than through any cricketing merit and the 1936 tour of England had soon turned into a farce.

Amarnath and many other senior cricketers did not respect him and during a tour game, Vizzy asked Amarnath to be prepared to bat but did not send him in to bat. Since he had a finger injury already he was not able to tend to it and when he did get to bat, he got out cheaply. After returning to the dressing room, he let fly and said that he understood what was going on. Vizzy took this as a personal insult and Amarnath was sent packing to India, ahead of the 1st Test. The two men never saw eye to eye.

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