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5 hipster trends started in cricket

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The Indian team were the first to form the huddle in cricket

Cricket is a world in itself. With every new era, we witness this world being the home to several trends. Some of these were borrowed whereas the others are innovations. But in the end, all of them carry the essence of this game. Over the years, several styles have become trends overnight and interestingly the innovators had absolutely no clue. Some of them may have been just an effective cover up for the moment but now others use and master them.

Home to a lot of hipster trends, the cricket world witnessed breakaways in the orthodox techniques of its core as well as secondary aspects. From the core components such as batting and bowling techniques, to something as fun as celebrating the win, everywhere there is something new. These changes became popular overnight and before anyone realised, they were already the trends that everyone was implementing.

Here, we have discussed the five most popular hipster trends in cricket along with their histories.

#5 Huddle by Team India

Huddling may seem a common sight now but the history of this trend in the cricket world dates back to the year 2003. Thanks to the Indian cricket team which introduced this act. This style of the team gathering began when the Indian team marched towards the finals of ICC Cricket World Cup fifteen years ago.

Although the team had to settle for the runners-up trophy, they had first used the huddle.

It was reported that Sourav Ganguly's team practised it to boost their spirits and direct their focus towards a single goal. Strategies or celebrations, the Indian team had a new way of expression. Soon, it became popular in the cricket universe and the other teams followed. Now, in international or domestic games, the huddle is a customary 'move displayed by almost every cricket team.

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