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5 innovations in the game of cricket

Meit Sampat
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Australia v India - 4th Test: Day 1
DRS has been a controversial innovation

Ever since the first Test was played between England and Australia in 1877, the game of cricket has seen radical changes. Be it the rules and regulations as governed by the cricketing bodies, the innovations that are undertaken by the players while in action on the field or the new formats and technologies being used in cricket, the game of cricket has evolved big time.

Cricket is changing and for good, which makes the viewing of the game much more attractive for millions of spectators around the world. Here is a look at 5 innovations which have changed cricket and have ensured that its spectators remain glued to the matches:

#5 Decision Review System (DRS)

The DRS, since its inception in the year 2008 in a Test match between India and Sri Lanka, has had its share of criticism. Having being introduced to help the players and the match officials to eliminate horrendous on-field decisions, the DRS was criticized by various players as they did not find the method 100% accurate.

Many experts also believed that it would undermine the authority of on-field umpires. The ICC has from time to time tried to modify the DRS in order to assist the players and the on-field umpires. At present, the DRS is being used positively in all the three formats and has indeed helped to attain accurate decision making. The DRS is here to stay for long and will only improve with time in this day and age of technology.

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