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5 mantras for Virat Kohli's success in England

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Life is made up of ups and downs. This universal fact is applicable to all and sundry. Virat, being a human is no exception. He would never have dreamt of his downfall in the 2014 England tour. The absolute nightmarish tour where he scored only 139 runs in 10 test innings left him reeling. The media, adding insult to injury, just kept criticizing him over and over again.

But he came back roaring to sit atop all international rankings. He lifted his average over 50 across all three formats to set the record that no one has ever achieved. He is only behind four others in terms of lifetime centuries in International cricket.

Personal records apart, he led India to No.1 ranking across formats. There's no doubt Virat has been the perfect successor to captain MS Dhoni. Virat then and Virat now are poles apart. His attitude, aggression and passion make him one of the best in world cricket.

Now in 2018, he is on the verge of facing his nightmare yet again. Sure he is stronger than ever before but he needs to stay cautioned over the probabilities of things going awry. Here are some simple yet crucial mantras for his inevitable success in England.

5. Staying true to his character

Virat roars

Some have suggested him to tone down his aggression in order to be a better captain and player. But that doesn't matter as his own teammates have vouched for something totally different.

According to them, Virat's aggression rubs off on them eventually inspiring them to perform better. In the field, you can see bowlers truly celebrating every wicket with Virat running to them.

In a recent interview on the What The Duck show, Ashwin explained how Virat's taunting from non-striker end helped him hit back to back boundaries against Rabada even when he was scared to even face him. These give Virat ample reasons not to change his attitude.

All these aside, Virat himself admits that aggression is what gets the most out of him. In order to succeed, he needs to keep his aggression intact without any second thought.

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