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5 most elegant modern day batsman

  • Keeping aside the numbers for a while, this article brings forth the more elegant entertainers in today's world cricket.
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Modified 17 Aug 2018, 13:39 IST

England v India - 2nd ODI: Royal London One-Day Series

Statistics are an undoubtedly essential part of the game that gives us an insight into player's performance and analytics. However, there are always certain elements beyond numbers that give us joy in admiring and watching the talent on display. The topic of discussion here is- Elegance.

Often we find the aesthetic beauty and technique of a certain batsman enthralling and satisfying to watch. It might be that high elbowed cover drive, that bottom-handed whip, or that lofted straight drive; behind the statistics there always lies this non-arithmetic elegance.

To pay tribute to the elegance that keeps me glued to the TV, here I decided to write about the five most elegant modern day batsman and the parts of the game that give me the most joy to watch.

1) Rohit Sharma

This man is considered to be one of the more attractive stroke makers going around in world cricket

They say that time is an extremely complicated fabric, that if controlled, has the ability to perform wonders beyond logical imagination. Rohit Sharma can slow down time. Not by much, but just enough to make us think that he has that one extra picosecond to thoroughly read the round white/red question approaching him.

He answers them pretty well too, I must say. You might remember Virat Kohli praising the quality after one of his marathon double hundreds. Call him lazy or whatever, this extra fraction of a second is what brings the elegance into his game.

Elegant are his lofted cover drives, as he holds the bat high for the cameramen to snap. Elegant are the hooks when the ball almost kisses the bat and glides away over the fence. Elegance is his game.

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Published 17 Aug 2018, 13:39 IST
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