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5 things that we expected to see in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story

Five things we expected from the Dhoni movie, but couldn't find in it.

The general consensus has given Dhoni’s biopic a big thumb’s up, with Sushant Singh Rajput’s apt portrayal of the Indian ODI captain’s mannerisms and batting style getting major kudos from all quarters. The riveting account of the captain’s rise to the top has even caught the box office by storm

This article does not, in any way, criticize the movie, which is a wonderful portrayal of the great man’s struggle to reach the top. It is obviously difficult to squeeze a 35-year old life into a three-hour movie, yet, there were some aspects of his life that we, as fans, expected to see in the biopic, but were given a miss by the movie makers.

Here are five of them:

His rise to captaincy

The movie skips the story behind Dhoni’s rise to captaincy

Dhoni’s playing career is synonymous with his achievements at the helm of the Indian team. The tag of being India’s greatest captain has been well documented over the years. However, his rise to Indian cricket‘s golden throne has been given a miss by the movie makers.

His ascent to the top post over other established players was big news back in its time. The biopic skips all of that, jumping from a scene in his garage to the finals of the World T20 in 2007. 

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