5 times Virat Kohli landed himself in trouble

The Poster boy of Indian Cricket
The Poster boy of Indian Cricket
Vishal Raman

India's captain Virat Kohli is arguably the best cricket batsman in the world today. He is the undoubtedly the Sachin Tendulkar of this generation, thanks to his run of form in recent years. Kohli recently became the fastest batsman to reach the 10K runs milestone.

Past years proved that King Kohli is no stranger to records, but one should not forget that Virat Kohli is no stranger to controversies too. Kohli is one of the most passionate and emotional individuals that you will ever see on the field, but sometimes that emotions get carried off the field as well.

Time and time again, Virat Kohli's name has appeared in the wrong side of the newspaper, or in places that necessarily appreciates him. He has matured a lot through the years, but he still has a long way to go.

Without any further ado, let us jump into the slideshow. Here are 5 instances where the current Indian Captain could not keep his emotion intact.

#5 Lashing out on a fan

The latest addition in the list of many controversies.
The latest addition in the list of many controversies.

India is currently playing the 3-match T20 series against the West Indies for which the management has rested the Virat Kohli. Kohli not featuring in the T20 series did not stop him from making the headlines once again, but this is not the type of headlines that he or the millions of Virat Kohli fans would have wanted from him.

Virat Kohli has embroiled himself in a fresh and a new controversy following a response to a fan, who said he enjoyed watching the English and Australian batsmen over the Indian batsman.

The response to this comment for which Virat Kohli is receiving some major backlash is

Okay, I don’t think you should live in India then… you should go and live somewhere else no. Why are you living in our country and loving other countries? I don’t mind you not liking me but I don’t think you should live in our country and like other things. Get your priorities right.

This comment seems to have hurt the feelings of a lot of Indian fans. India is one such country that supports good cricket and a place where many cricketers from many different countries have huge fan bases.

#4 Middle Finger Incident

Showing his middle finger to the Australian crowd.
Showing his middle finger to the Australian crowd.

In Australia, not just the cricketers, the fans also give the opposition team players a hard time in the field with their constant sledging. Many famous cricketers were at the receiving end of this like Kevin Pietersen. Kohli was one such victim.

Virat Kohli has always been a temperamental and an animated person. This gets the better of him when he is holding a bat in his hand, but not while fielding.

The angered young man showed his middle finger to the Sydney crowd that provoked him. Later Virat Kohli confirmed that the Sydney crowd spoke ill of his mother and sister and that was the reason for him getting animated.

A fire inside Virat Kohli started to burn after this incident, as this tour turned out to be a turning point in his Test career. He was handed a 50% fine of his match fee for his actions.

#3 Gautam Gambhir Saga

The ugly side of IPL
The ugly side of IPL

The Indian Premier League(IPL) is the place where players from all around the globe get a chance to represent one franchise. Like how every coin have two faces, IPL has its ugly side as well.

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir were part of one of the most needless affair. This episode happened in 2013, where the KKR-led Gautam Gambhir took on the Royal Challengers from Bangalore.

After hitting two glorious sixes, Virat was dismissed in the same over and while walking Kohli passed some comments that upset Gambhir.

This incident left a black mark on Virat Kohli as he fought with one of his senior cricketers. Gambhir was also one among many individuals who were instrumental in Kohli's early success.

It is good to see that now both of them have left this situation in the past, as they are good friends now.

#2 Kohli vs Australian Team

This is probably one of the best rivalries in cricket right now
This is probably one of the best rivalries in cricket right now

Australia-Virat Kohli rivalry is a never-ending saga with all the sledgings, and the banters. These things also brought the best out of both the teams in many ways. But both parties had a healthy relationship off the field until the Border Gavaskar Trophy in 2017.

The away side went after the mind of India's best batsman, and Kohli had a string low scores throughout the series. This affair combined with "brain fade" incident to dodge the cheating the allegation angered the Indian captain even more.

The Aussie media made some racist taunts and compared with animals. These incidents are not all as Glenn Maxwell mocked an injured Virat Kohli by grabbing his hand.

This is what Virat Kohli had to say at a press conference regarding all these, specifically the Brain Fade moment:

No, it has changed for sure. I thought that was the case but it has changed for sure. As I said in the heat of the battle, you want to be competitive but yeah I have been proven wrong. The thing I said before the first Test, I have certainly been proven wrong and you won’t hear me say that ever again.

India is scheduled to tour Australia. Only time will tell What's in the bag for Virat Kohli?

#1 Kohli's conflict with Anil Kumble

Coach and the Captain did not see eye to eye
Coach and the Captain did not see eye to eye

Perhaps this is the most controversial of them all. India's loss in the finals of the Champions Trophy was also the last match of Anil Kumble's tenure as the Indian coach as the Indian Captain Virat Kohli was unhappy with the management style of the coach.

The players were reportedly unhappy with the bossy style of management which deprived them of their freedom. Some reports suggested that the players were pushed too hard, and suffered a bulk of non-cricketing injuries.

It is widely reported that the Indian captain had been leading a silent campaign to have the then Indian coach shunted from the dressing room.

This type of incident was not new to Indian cricket. A similar event like this happened when the "Dada" Sourav Ganguly was not on the same page as Greg Chappell.

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