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7 'must-know' amazing stories of legendary Indian cricketers

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Fourth Test - Australia v India: Day One
Fourth Test - Australia v India: Day One

It takes a lot to be a legend in any sport. Sports-persons spend their lives plying their trade, intending to earn the respect of sport lovers. Cricketers are no different. Indian cricketers, especially, carry the burden of expectations of more than a billion fans.

Being an Indian Cricketer is much more than being a sportsperson; there are lots of eyes watching them. But some enjoy this pressure and carve out careers worth a priceless diamond. In doing so, they also create some fascinating stories. They create stories that will outlive these legends themselves. Here are 7 such truly amazing stories about Indian Cricket legends you should know.

#7 "He thought he had broken his leg!”

Javagal Srinath works as a match referee currently
Javagal Srinath works as a match referee currently

Although India had struggled to produce too many quality fast bowlers until recent times, it produced some gems along the way. Javagal Srinath was one of them. The pacer couldn’t only bowl well, but he could also bowl really fast.

Referencing an India vs. Zimbabwe match in 1997, Alastair Campbell said, “Srinath I think bowled the quickest that any of our guys had ever seen.” In a conversation with John Ward, Campbell narrated a story from a match at Boland Bank Park. Indian attack was led by Srinath. He said about Srinath, “He bowled a really quick spell early on, even quicker than Allan Donald; he was timed at 157 kmph, a good 10 kmph faster than Donald was bowling throughout the tournament.”

Being able to bowl as quick as the ‘White lightning’ will make a bowler proud, it’s another thing bowling 10 kmph quicker than the South African pacer.

Yet, that wasn’t the best part of the narration. Here's the best part: “Grant Flower was hit on the thigh pad, and when he came off he said he thought he had broken his leg!”

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