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A Born Leader: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

6.94K   //    11 May 2015, 02:55 IST
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The T-20 WC 2007, Cricket World Cup 2011, Champions Trophy 2013, No. 1 Test and ODI team, CB series 2008, IPL 2010 and 2011 and the list goes on. And astonishingly these are the feats achieved under the leadership of one man: Captain Cool, The demolisher, The man of steel: M.S. Dhoni. 

He is one of the best examples how to use our brain tactfully and strain it in difficult conditions. He has raised an ordinary player to an extraordinary level. Be it Ravindra Jadeja or Bhuvneshwar Kumar, it's his belief in his players that has given the Indian team glory over the past few years.

Born in Jharkhand, Dhoni began his sporting career as a football player. But soon he was recognized for his cricketing talent. Once a ticket inspector with Indian Railways, he was introduced to Cricket by the Kolkata Cricket Club. It's been 8 years and he hasn't looked back then.
His batting style was unorthodox and was criticized by many senior players. But he never made an apology instead improvised it and developed it according to the situation.

The main reason why he stands out as one of the most popular Indian cricketers is because of his leadership qualities. To remain calm in a tense situation has been his strength over the years. Be it the T-20 WC final or the Champions Trophy Final, he always was calm and cool and trusted his players.

A person captaining a side in three formats of a single game is very hard to find. In fact, I would say impossible. Especially in a country like India where Cricket is more than a religion. Yes, T-20, ODI and Tests: 3 different versions but the leader remains the same. Often people complain about his policies and decisions, but his this ability to keep calm and answer them by proving his decisions right has led him to the most successful captain ever of the Indian Cricket team.

His confidence on his team is one thing I admire. His self-belief has been truly gracious and instead of undermining his players, he always encourages them and tries to bring the best in them.

People around the world say that there is the luck factor which has given him so much success. No doubt Dhoni has been lucky or fortunate. But as they say fortune favors the brave. There are many people in the world who might have that luck factor but still lack the capability to use it to its best. Only luck factor can never give you glory until and unless it is combined with hard work, dedication, commitment, and self-belief. 

Well, I too play cricket and I know how to difficult it is to lead and to perform at the same time. But this man has never let his team down when it needed him. He bats in difficult situations when other batsmen are not confident in doing so. His glove work behind the wicket has just seen improvement over the years. Be it a WC final knock of 91*, he has always used his brain and capabilities to the best of his abilities.

In his 8-years career, he has hardly missed out on any major tournament because of any injury. This shows his level of fitness and his dedication to the team. Game after game series after series, this man has worked hard to his best and has always given his best to his country.

I salute him for his utmost dedication, hardworking ability, pressure handling ability and the most important “CALM KEEPING” quality because that is what distinguishes him from other cricketers.

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