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An ode to the Ind-Eng Test Series

Namit Agrawal
958   //    22 Dec 2012, 16:46 IST

First Test - Day Three:  India v Australia

It was one of those series’,

which ended in a sigh!

The Indian team found some new lows,

when it should have ended on a high.

It all started on a lucky note,

when Dhoni won the toss.

It was time for us to dictate the terms,

and show them who is the ‘Boss’.

Sehwag found his vintage best,


Pujara took care of the rest,

Yuvraj also found some form,

keeping all at bay except Swann.

The onus was now on spinners,

who had to come out winners.

And Oh! mighty they did deliver,

and England collapsed with a shiver.

As India enforced the follow-on,

Dhoni proved he isn’t a moron.

But Cook stood tall and so did Prior,

all but Ojha failed to fire.

The target was meagre, and Pujara eager.

And we soon crossed the winning line.

Finally, it was time to celebrate,

with some whiskey beer and wine!

Good spirits and confidence high,

the Indian team landed in Mumbai.

Low on confidence and high under pressure,

England launched the weapon called Panesar.

And lo! we fell like a pack of cards,

with continuous struggles of Sachin.

But Pujara showed fight and kept up guards,

and found ample support in Ashwin.

Panesar five and Swann four,

Indian batsmen failed to do an encore,

It was time for England to bat,

and for Dhoni to wear the thinking hat.

Pietersen fired so did Cook,

laid the foundation which never shook.

While Ojha made the batsmen dance,

Harbhajan ruined yet another chance.

Indian batting line-up collapsed again,

Sachin making a pair of eight.

Gambhir showed the lone fight and scored some runs,

but that failed to add substantial weight.

India just crossed the deficit line,

England chased the total in little time.

Champagnes uncorked and so did gin,

as England celebrated the series-leveling win.

India missed a bowler with Federer’s ace,

Nor had the fielding like Hurrell’s grace,

Stalwarts failed to prove their mettle,

Nor we had youngsters like Sebastian Vettel.

The next destination was the players’ dream,

The happy hunting ground of Indian team.

The adopted local boy scored a fifty,

with Sachin finding some form,

But Anderson kept it tight and Panesar was thrifty,

and India scored below the norm.

Cook’s third century on the trot,

and contribution from Jonathan Trott,

Compton made his maiden-fifty,

as Pietersen raced to his milestone swiftly.

And they piled runs on and on,

Compensating for the follow-on,

They ran away in a big stride gallop,

hitting Indian butts with English wallop.

But all was not lost and there was scope,

Openers showed fight and we had some hope,

All too soon the innings saw a collapse,

The fickle batting order had a relapse.

Ashwin took the crease,

played the anchor’s role.

Gave India some lease,

But the match was out of control.

The batsmen defined patience required in a test,

Bowlers were on target like Messi on his best,

Intent on making history like Andy Murray,

The Brits ended yelling ‘Hurray’.

Yet another loss and England took the lead,

My faith did waiver and heart did bleed,

If India could lose at their Mecca,

What chances they had at the other ground?

The next venue was never lucky,

Brit’s in form and confidence abound.

It was the morning of the final test,

Could we stop England in the final quest?

England had proved they were the boss,

And started the match by winning the toss.

India kept England to a modest total,

Chawla as usual wrapped up the tail.

A long innings at the top order was pivotal,

The intent of batsmen had no reason to fail.

Alas, it happened yet again,

The top four returned to pavilion,

India had not much on the board,

Adding to the woes of the Indian billion.

A strong fight-back was suddenly seen,

Efforts from Kohli and Dhoni,

But Anderson continued to be mean,

and curtailed the tail to pony.

The match was drawn and England took the cup,

The 28-year wait was over and history was made,

They were the best and proved to the rest,

Cook was rewarded for the way he played.

I will move on and so will you,

The sad tale will however  remain forever true,

It is time for team to take some cue,

And return to winning ways,

I will be there to support you,

And live to see the glorious days.

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