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Batting averages of top order Indian batsmen after 2011 World Cup

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Indian batting has seen an enormous downfall after the victorious 2011 World Cup campaign, especially in tests. It all started from the England tour last year and still no improvements have been seen till date. The Indian batting line-up, which was once hailed as the world’s best and most dangerous line-up, especially when it came to home conditions, is today searching for a remedy. We have already lost 2 overseas test series’ and may even lose the current home series to England in which we are already trailing 2-1, and are in a precarious position in Nagpur. The poor form of Indian top batting line-up has to be made responsible for this.

Let’s have a sneak-peak at the batting average of some of the players of Indian batting line-up before and after 2011 World Cup.

1. Gautam Gambhir

Average before 2011 WC: 51.33

Average after 2011 WC: 27.77

2. Virender Sehwag   

Average before 2011 WC: 53.59  

Average after 2011 WC: 33.26

3.  C. Pujara  


Average before 2011 WC: 21.40

Average after 2011 WC: 89.71

4. Sachin Tendulkar  

Average before 2011 WC:  56.68  

Average after 2011 WC: 32.79

5Suresh Raina 

Average before 2011 WC: 33.90

Average after 2011 WC: 24.68

6. MS Dhoni

Average before 2011 WC: 40.06  

Average after 2011 WC: 30.67

It can be clearly seen that except Pujara, every batsman’s batting average has dropped after WC. These are the batsman on whom the responsibility of our batting line up depends. We have failed to form any major partnerships which has led to our tremendous downfall and has cost us two overseas series defeats and a serious dip in test rankings. The reason for this is yet to be known. And until and unless we find a reason, we can’t find a solution.

[Note: The batting average above are only for tests. The list does not Kohli because he started playing after 2011 WC. And Yuvraj has not played enough tests after the WCs to be judged].

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