Open Letter to Virat Kohli from a Fan; Reply to Kohli's Emotional Message

Will India fight back or will they Surrender again?
Will India fight back or will they Surrender again?

Dear Virat Kohli

Captain of Indian Cricket Team

I promise to in no way I will give up on you. I promise to be your 12th man. I promise to stay by your side in defeats just the way I praised your triumphs. This letter is from an ardent fan of Indian Cricket who simply wishes to convey his support before the do-or-die 3rd Test against England.

Yes, I am hurt for the manner some of our Indian batsmen have simply gifted their wickets. Yes, I am hurt with the manner we have dropped catches. Yes, I have also been made to experience the disconnect with the choices team management has made in selecting the playing XI. But, what has hurt me the most is "Lack of Willingness to fight when the going got tough."

It simply wasn't the "Team India" I have been used to under Kohli's leadership. I kept looking ahead for the fight our batsmen showed in Johannesburg which in my opinion was a more difficult place to bat than what was served in Lords. But the wait never ended.

Be that as it may, I, the fanatic of Indian Cricket group, guarantee to never walk out on you and to dependably bolster you on One Single Condition. The condition is, win or lose, in no way allow your shoulder and heads drop till its truly over, just give me the combat with all you have got and I won't complain about a solitary thing.

Me as well as tens of millions of devotees of Indian Cricket Team all around the world need to punch an answer on Mr Nasser Hussain's face that it isn't Men Against Boys and demonstrate the whole world, that the World No. 1 Team isn't just a home ground bully. It knows how to take the battle to the opposition even in alien conditions not simply by words but rather with bat and ball too.

Try not to stress over the help coz we, the fans, have your back. Just go out on the field and give everything you have got and I, the fan, will be happy.

Yours truly

Indian Cricket Fan

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