Fast&Up: Fuelling Indian sports and powering athletes across the board

Mayank Agarwal has been trusting in Fast&Up for some time now
Mayank Agarwal has been trusting in Fast&Up for some time now

India is no longer a country where cricket is the only sport aspiring youngsters look to pursue as a career. Thanks to facilities improving a lot and awareness being spread about every sport, there are athletes who are impressing on the world stage in multiple sports like badminton, football, hockey and athletics, apart from cricket. 

With technology improving, athletes are becoming more and more aware of how to take care of their bodies and control their diet, and are taking their performances in events to the next level, winning laurels around the world and impressing fans and experts alike. A lot of that has to do with athletes understanding the importance of eating right and Fast&Up has played an important role in helping them understand how to replenish nutrients and provide them with nutritional supplements that can help them improve their training and overall fitness levels. 

Here, we take a look at all the sports and athletes where Fast&Up has played an important role: 

#1 Cricket  

Fast&Up has influenced the lives of many cricketers in India to improve their eating habits and trust nutritional supplements to replenish their full complement of vitamins and minerals. Apart from supplements that help them while training and allow them to push themselves further, Fast&Up has also helped cricketers with sports supplements that help them recover quicker, enhancing their endurance. 

Indian women's team members such as Taniya Bhatia, who loves the Fast&Up Reload berry flavour and was named one of the ICC's five breakout stars for women's cricket in 2018, and Shikha Pandey, who is a fitness enthusiast and works for the Indian Air Force when she is not playing cricket, are prime examples of proud athletes who enjoy the nutritional supplements from Fast&Up.

Mayank Agarwal, who broke into the Indian test team towards the end of 2018, is a future star of the sport and has been a member of the Fast&Up family for some time now, relying on them to keep him hydrated and help him recover faster, while ensuring he gets his complement of vitamins, Calcium and Magnesium. 

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Edited by Sameer Bahl
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