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George Bailey's hat wins the Internet over

George Bailey's hat drew its share of attention.

News 12 Jan 2016, 18:49 IST
George Bailey’s hat on George Bailey

When India and Australia took to the field, the players attracted their fair share of eyeballs. But one object stood out like a sore thumb, a glowing yellow beacon of light.

Regardless of fashion, trend, or convention, George Bailey’s hat stood tall and strong.

While Rohit Sharma was knocking Australia across the field, the Aussies found hope, solace and fortitude in the sight of George Bailey’s hat firmly affixed on his hat. Here they are seen circilng close to him to draw strength. And strength they found.

The hat gave hope where there was none to be found.

There was a Twitter account for the hat.

Twitter had a field day with George Bailey’s hat.

It seems that the hat is here to stay.

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