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George Bailey shifts blame onto David Warner for their on-field misunderstanding

Haradhan Gour
28.17K   //    05 Feb 2016, 03:40 IST
David Warner and George Bailey discuss whether they should decide to opt for the review

George Bailey has spoken out to Australian radio channels regarding his misunderstanding with David Warner in the ODI against New Zealand on Wednesday, saying that the opener did not take his advice. Pushing blame off himself, he hit back at accusatory reports, and said that Warner had been himself to blame.

He also revealed an argument that the two players had in the dressing room after both of them had been dismissed.

The controversial moment in the match came in the 7th over, when David Warner was dismissed lbw by Trent Boult. Chasing a target of 308, Australia were proceeding at a decent run rate, but had a spectacular collapse which reduced them to 41/6 within the next two overs.

Warner’s wicket opened the floodgates as Australia surrendered to a 159-run defeat. However, the umpire’s call had been faulty. The ball had struck Warner above the knee roll when both his feet had been in the air, and replays only confirmed that the ball had been too high.

The Warner-Bailey exchange

Warner had a chat with the non-striker Bailey about what he thought, and something convinced him not to opt for the review. Contrary to accusations, Bailey insists he did his best to convince his partner to go for the review. 

“I said ‘what does it feel like?’” he told Melbourne radio station SEN.

“And he said ‘high’.

“And I said ‘go for it’ and he turned around and walked off, so I don’t really know what more he wants from my end.”

With Bailey also following soon for 2 runs, Warner reportedly met him in the dressing room saying, “I wasn’t that confident in what you had said.”


Bailey’s reply had been, “I’m not really sure what you’re after Davey, but I can’t be any more explicit than saying go for it.”

Australia have lost their last five matches over all formats, and this public misunderstanding between these two senior players do not paint a good picture of the dressing room spirit in their camp.

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