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ICC World Cup: 3 occasions when the Man of the Series wasn't from the Champion Nation

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22 May 2019, 01:23 IST

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

Every sport has a pinnacle and cricket is no different! One of the most cherished sports all around the globe, cricket is worshipped by millions and when it comes to the top prize in cricket then the World Cup takes the cake.

The Cricket World Cup is a glorious event which is celebrated by the ardent cricket followers as they get to witness all the playing nations collide in a battle for supremacy. It is rightly said that what happens at a world cup gets engraved in the history books. The magnitude of this spectacle is beyond measure and it rightly is termed as a festival by the cricket enthusiasts.

Winning a cricket World Cup is an illustrious feat and every four years, ICC presents all the playing nations an opportunity to be reckoned as the global champions by carrying out the colossal cricketing fest i.e World Cup.

While winning a world cup is a great achievement, being awarded the Man of The Tournament trophy has its own sense of greatness. It is quite astonishing to be named as the best player of a tournament where all the top cricketing nations participate.

The world has always been blessed with world-class players, thus winning a Man of the Tournament award is something which will be considered extraordinary in every age. When we say the best player of the tournament then the obvious prediction comes out in the favour of the champion nation i.e. the winner being part of the team that won the cup.

Here is where the beauty of cricket lies as the fans are treated with surprises at each corner. In the history of the Cricket World Cup, there have been 3 instances when the Man of the Tournament didn't belong to the champion nation.

This just states that these players must have been utterly stunning as they managed to oust the rest to win the award, despite not being part of the World Champion squad.

Here we list down 3 men who have been named as the best player of a world cup, despite not winning that edition.

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